Stop Injustice to homeopathy : BHMS doctor abandoned from government job in Maharashtra

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Petition motive :-12 February 2019 onwards now on June 2019

NHM aka National Health Mission, Maharashtra Invited applications for the post  Community Health Officer (CHO) only valid eligible candidates for preference are Ayurveda & Unani doctor

Homeopathy doctor not considered prohibited from this post

This bias one sided priority discrimination towards homeopathy such circumstance occurring since decade

So questions arise does AYUSH symbolize only Ayurveda & Yoga Unani? 

Why homeopathy annihilated ?

Despite of the fact that WHO already stated Homeopathy is the SECOND largest system of medicine in the world and is experiencing an annual growth of around 35%. It is estimated that world homeopathy market would be soon equivalent to alternative health care market. 

India also homeopathy currently leads similar in world in terms of  being formally and legally acknowledged majority practice medical feild , with the WHO is stating that ‘Homeopathic treatments seem well suited for treatment in rural areas’. 

 Why still, in Maharashtra development of homeopathy in field of educational & professional vice shortfall lacking? 

Their are major Educational obstacles in homeopathy reason their absolutely not single UG/ PG government college research center in Maharashtra

There is a supply and demand mismatch in homeopathy. The government favored some private organizations unnecessarily, by allowing them to start new colleges. There’s not a single government-run homeopathy college in the state.

While the state runs 20 ayurvedas and three unani colleges, all the 49 homeopathy colleges in the state are run privately.

Even students discouraged from choosing homeopathy after the central government, earlier this year, made it mandatory for BHMS graduates to do a year-long course in pharmacology if they wanted to prescribe allopathic medicines.

Educational system in homeopathy remains woefully short in imparting quality education to the homeopaths, Though India is becoming the global hub for Homeopathic education & training, and has created mastered 

What we see today is progressive deterioration of quality due to lack implementation of educational standards. 

On one side, the number of private colleges and students are consistently increasing, whereas confident prescribers , and able teachers are gradually reducing. 

This is a very disturbing trend in the progress of system which is the 2nd largest medical practice in the world.

Absence & unavailability of proper government college & inadequacy of government post in Maharashtra 

why MUHS including BHMS in their entrance exam

Absence career in government & poor infrastructure in collegelack of hospitals and training facilitiesfake hospital records insufficient staff

this is scoop against the future of students choosing homeopathy as feild of career

If Maharashtra government continues to disregard unappreciate homeopathy than what base private hospital & community will believe trust & acknowledge homeopathy 

MAHARASHTRA GOVERNMENT have to grant  contribute equivalently & furnish to homeopathy must offer unbiased unprejudiced government job & education similarly equivalent to other AYUSH section


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