Save Historic Travis Marina before it's too late!

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The undersigned hereby petition the National Park Service (NPS) and its local unit, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) to negotiate and award a 20+ year operating agreement to Travis Air Force Base, Department of the Air Force, so that they can continue the operation of the historic boat shop and marina, currently known as the Travis Marina, at Fort Baker, in Sausalito, California. We feel that Travis AFB is the best tenant for this historic site and is the only tenant that will preserve its unique maritime character and accessibility for all.

By way of background, Travis Marina, which began as the Presidio Yacht Club (PYC) in 1959, became the responsibility of Travis Air Force Base (Travis AFB) in 1997 by the request of the PYC, after Fort Baker was decommissioned as an army base. It transitioned from being solely a military yacht club to a much-beloved local venue that is affordable, charmingly humble, and accessible to civilians of all economic backgrounds as well as to military personnel. PYC continues to hold events at the site as well and membership is open to civilians. 

Travis AFB is the best operator because:

1. They provide access to the waterfront at Fort Baker to ALL people of all economic backgrounds, which is completely in alignment with NPS and GGNRA’s mission to ensure public access to National Parks.

2. Travis Marina is an iconic, historic site much beloved and utilized by veterans, Travis Airmen and women, Bay Area residents, and tourists; it is a low-impact, high-benefit site. The restaurant and the Marina are affordable--this is in stark contrast to most other Bay Area waterfront venues. With Travis AFB as the operator, the maritime heritage and history of Sausalito is preserved--the buildings are maintained but unaltered, and the Marina is operational, affordable, and welcoming. It is completely in alignment with NPS/GGNRA's mission to preserve national parks' historic, scenic, and recreational values and conserve their cultural heritage. 

3. 100% of revenue derived from Travis Marina goes to the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Fund which benefits Travis Air Force personnel and their families. It is currently providing forty percent of that fund, which is much needed and appreciated by Travis Airmen and Airwomen who risk their lives on a daily basis and carryout countless humanitarian airlift missions all over the world.  Travis Marina is a service-driven operation, and the MWR has tens of thousands of beneficiaries. This legacy of public service would be lost if NPS were to partner with a for-profit company to take over Travis Marina.

The value Travis AFB has given to Marin County and the whole Bay Area by operating Travis Marina in a humble, accessible way is priceless, there is nothing else like it in this highly gentrified, money-driven Bay Area. We want to keep Travis Marina a vibrant, accessible, charming and accessible part of historic Sausalito and Marin County.

We, the undersigned, ask NPS/GGRNA to negotiate with Travis AFB for a minimum 20-year operating agreement of the boat shop and marina, while continuing to charge a below market rate rent for this service-driven community gem, as it is in the best interest of the public. It’s one of the last bastions of ungentrified maritime heritage on the Bay, and we cannot afford to lose it.