Save Hemp in Texas with ZAR!

Save Hemp in Texas with ZAR!

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Why this petition matters

Started by ZAR Wellness

SB 264 & HB 4238 would outlaw products with over 0.3% delta-9 THC and those that contain “synthetically derived [THCs]” or an overall THC content exceeding 0.3%. The bill includes a section that says people can't sell or distribute consumable hemp products with cannabinoids to consumers."

These bills would effectively:

  • Outlaw hemp products for Texas consumers
  • Provide no age limit for hemp in Texas
  • Will create a robust black market
  • Will open the state of Texas to lawsuits
  • Shows a lack of knowledge in the science behind hemp agriculture
  • Does not limit out of state vendors

SB 264 and HB 4238 would prohibit the manufacture, purchase, or sale of a consumable hemp product to which more than 0.3% of any THC other than delta-9 has been applied, which effectively criminalizes delta-8 and similar products. Rather than banning these products outright, the more reasonable approach is strict regulation and limiting delta-8 and similar products to persons 21 or older so that they are kept out of the hands of children.  Read the details below of how restrictive these bills will be on companies that sell, manufacture & grow hemp as well as the consequences it will have on Texas citizens.

Underage Use of Cannabis:

Currently, Texas does not have an age restriction on who can purchase hemp-derived cannabis products. This means that unlike alcohol and tobacco, cannabis can be sold to minors. However, companies like ZAR have been fighting for age-gating to be introduced into legislation to make the Texas hemp industry safer for everyone. 

At ZAR we ID every client that makes a purchases to match the practices of states with fully realized regulations. 

Lack of Testing for Out of State Sellers

All hemp products should be subject to full panel testing at 3rd party lab. "Full-panel testing" means the product has been inspected in a lab to detect cannabinoid content and contaminants.

As a registered Texas business ZAR is legally required to test our products to detect cannabinoid content and contaminants.

However, Texas does not require out of state companies to operate under the same guidelines. These bills do not address the issues that come from not regulating out of state hemp products. This results in consumers not knowing who the company is, what they are putting in their products and zero guidelines on full panel testing. 

Lacks Scientific Knowledge of the Hemp Plant

SB 264 falsely claims that hemp-derived cannabinoids are "synthetic." This could not be further from the fact and shows that the author of the bill has a lack of understanding with hemp synthesis. "Synthesis" is simply what happens when a molecule changes into a different molecule. This occurs naturally in the hemp plant. 

Mislabels Hemp as an "Illicit Substance"

While SB 264's author tries to frame Texas cannabis companies as a "rogue industry", that is far from the truth. An industry cannot be "rogue" if they are registered with the Department of Public Safety. 

On top of that the bill's author tries to enforce that hemp-derived cannabinoids are illicit substances even though the science backing the use of hemp-derived cannabis says the opposite. The Farm Bill of 2018 opened up scientific research into the hemp plant and its many benefits.

Help us Save Hemp in Texas by signing the petition and calling your legislators! Hemp is a miracle plant that has helped countless texans since 2018. 

About ZAR:

ZAR is a veteran owned, Texas based cannabis company with 25 locations throughout the great state of Texas. At ZAR community comes first, especially our veterans. ZAR supports Mission 22 by providing a 22% discount to veterans and active duty service members.

ZAR was started out of necessity for relief for our owners, Asad & Razia. As a combat medic veteran, Asad was suffering from chronic insomnia. After trying multiple medications and still not feeling relief, he tried CBD as a last effort. Miraculously it worked and ZAR was born. Asad's wife, Razia, comes from a background in pharmaceuticals and suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. With the help of hemp-derived cannabis products, she has found immense relief and no longer has to take the prescription drugs she was on in the past. 

Throughout the past 3 years ZAR has grown from 1 location to 25, serving communities in each of those areas. With our growth we have had the chance for exciting opportunities and partnerships that allow us to take the fight and our messaging to the 88th Texas Legislative Session. 

In partnership with Pharmacology University, ZAR has co-authored the TIm Timmons Compassionate Care Act that looks to expand the current TCUP program by increasing the number of conditions covered, lowering licensing fees to allow new growth within the industry & providing separate licenses for growing, manufacturing, research and dispensaries. This is a bill that would protect patients & caregivers from being arrested at the state level and having a black mark put on their records, as well as open up legitimate dispensaries where they can freely get their medication without worry.


1,162 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!