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Save Hays Street Bridge, Boycott Alamo Beer

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The Hays Street Bridge is at the center of a dispute between the city and the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group. Articles are circulating about how the owner of Alamo Beer (Eugene Simor) located just south of Hays Bridge is planning on closing the bridge off to the San Antonio communities for personal profit by building apartments and adding dinning services along with his locally brew branded beers baring the historic ALAMO name. Capitalizing on its history to only steal what belongs to the community of San Antonio. He basically gave away deeds to his property to another company which in turn he owns. His plans to disrupt the skyline which will disconnect Hays Street Bridge with local neighborhoods. Hays bridge was restored by the people for the people and our future generations to enjoy. The alleged deal between Alamo Beer and the city has become misleading legally speaking based on what the historical district agreed when they paid for the restoration of the bridge.  Hays bridge was a gift to the east side of San Antonio by connecting a neglected community to downtown. I have message and commented my concerns about the take over and now have been blocked. I have  emailed Eugene Simor owner of Alamo Beer for a request for live Facebook feed for a Q/A interview to answer our community's concerns about the future development plans; giving them a chance to defend and explain their plans to continue on despite knowing the majority of the San Antonio communities feel strongly disconnected by this. I'm asking all locals, communities, local restaurants and bars including distributors to remove Alamo Beer products in support of San Antonio it's local community. We must save Hays bridge and we must preserve public lands for future generations to enjoy. 

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