Save Happy Endings!

Dear Executives of ABC**, TBS, and now USA Network,

As a fan of good TV, I love the witty, critically acclaimed comedy Happy Endings. So do many others, I am sure of it. Recent distressing news of the cancellation of its programming buddy, Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23 has us fans very worried that Happy Endings won’t make it to a well-deserved fourth season. I understand that ratings are almost everything to keep a show running, but Happy Endings seemed to perform better with lead-in viewers during its first and second seasons immediately following the smash hit, award winning comedy Modern Family on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm airtime.

Mr. Paul Lee, President of ABC Entertainment Group, said the following during a January TCA press tour, “We just wanted to say to our audiences that they have more chances to see this. We love this show," he said, noting that he recognizes Endings has to stand on its own and that he is confident the series can.

If the President of ABC Entertainment recognizes that the series is strong enough to stand on its own, why not renew it for a fourth season? Could you consider it a move to another programming block, perhaps back to “Comedy Wednesdays”? Any slot in that block would be very good for this comedy. The current confusing scheduling of two episodes a week is also a marker that the show is “on the bubble” of cancellation. Alex Kerkovich is already crying reading this letter, don't make it worse for her!

If the programming space on ABC is an issue, consider the successful (if bold) “moving” of Cougar Town from the ABC network to TBS network, where, since its move, has performed incredibly well, boasting 2.2 million viewers for its fourth season premiere episode in January. I’m sure Cougar Town fans appreciated the move, and will continue to watch faithfully.


Recent news of USA Network's interest in picking up Happy Endings if ABC ultimately cancels it led me to add USA Network executives to my efforts. USA Network is  responsible for awesome original programming including Psych, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, Political Animals, and Necessary RoughnessHappy Endings would fit well among these fan favorites.

As fans, we enjoy the witty jokes and gags on this amazing show. The cast is top-notch and blend well together on our TV screens. The writing team is incredible, and, if evidenced by the Funny Or Die video of the writers room, are very tolerant of new ideas. Give the gang another chance, or suffer the wrath of Mark Blum…no wait. Why can’t I remember my own name?

I've also added Sony Pictures to the list of recipients because they are the people who produce the show, ABC had just aired it. 

**Critical edit on 5/14: Happy Endings has been officially cancelled by ABC after a complete mess of a season scheduling (was Hip Hop Santa on scheduling detail?) despite self-referential network hashtag #SaveHappyEndings in mid-March. Mr. Lee has lied to the ABC demographic and fans about what he wants for the show. He wanted it to die, always did since axing B in Apt. 23. For shame!! I, an avid Castle and Modern Family fan will NEVER watch another show on ABC again. I hope others will join me, for killing Happy Endings, Better off Ted, AND Pushing Daises (a critically lauded trifecta) is all too much to bear.

This petition was delivered to:
  • President, ABC Entertainment Group
    Paul Lee
  • Senior VP of Research, USA Network
    Ted Linhart
  • CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Michael Lynton
  • Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company
    Robert A. Iger
  • VP, Office of the President, ABC
    Charissa Gilmore
  • Director of Public Relations, TBS, Inc.
    Samantha Graham
  • Co-President, USA Network
    Chris McCumber
  • Co-President, USA Network
    Jeff Wachtel
  • Director of Publicity, USA Network
    Lynn Weiss
  • Chairman and CEO, Turner Broadcasting System
    Philip I Kent
  • Public Relations Director, Cougar Town, TNT/tbs
    Barrie Gruner
  • Senior VP, Comedy Development, ABC
    Samie Kim Falvey
  • Senior Director of Public Relations, Turner Entertainment
    Elieen Quast
  • Junior Publicist, Cougar Town, TNT/tbs
    Christina Hamilton
  • Director of Public Relations, TBS/TNT
    Carmen Davenporte-McNeal
  • Executive VP, Studio Creative and Production, ABC
    Barry Jossen
  • Executive VP, Programming and Aquisitions, USA Network
    Jane Blaney

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