Save Grape Creek - Protect Our Canon City Water - No Gold Mining

Save Grape Creek - Protect Our Canon City Water - No Gold Mining

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Rich Lins started this petition to Fremont County Commissioners

Zephyr Minerals, Ltd.  (, strangers to Fremont County, with no known track record for conducting an environmentally sound mining operation, has submitted a hard rock mining permit application to the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS) which if accepted will be forwarded to Fremont County Commissioners. Grape Creek, just outside of Canon City, CO, is 
a pristine valuable recreational asset of amazing natural beauty whose precious water supply flows into the Arkansas River, and would be in harm's way should the permit be approved. 

The approximate location of the proposed hard rock mine is near Temple Canyon, just 1.5 miles SW of Canon City city limits, and 1.3 miles from Grape Creek, is positioned 1,000 feet above the creek and will intersect the Wilderness Study Area (WSA).  A drilling operation would put the creek and the WSA at risk for hazardous contamination.  Do we want yet another "Cotter type" environmental nightmare in our backyard despoiling our natural beauty???

This is not 2 guys with a pick axe and a mule! Zephyr Minerals, Ltd., who owns the mining site, projects using 65,000,000 gallons of ground water each year due to processing 300 tons of ore per day on site above Grape Creek, which will operate 365 days/year.  They project storing: 3,600 pounds of chemicals, 8,400 gallons diesel fuel and 13,000 pounds of explosives.  Up to 90 people might be employed on site.  Of great concern, an unknown number of supply vehicles, construction/maintenance vehicles, and refined ore haul trucks will crowd Temple Canyon Road, Mariposa Road, 1st Street, and Highway 50.  All for what?  A few ounces of Gold?

Only $261,813 has been reserved for reclamation of the "affected area" when the mine shuts down.  As is typical in these types of operations little long term planning has been allocated for mitigation should the mine, the tailings and the chemicals used contaminated our water supply.

A newly formed group, the Arkansas Valley Conservation Coalition (AVCC), and others such as Trout Unlimited, opposes the gold mine.  If you also oppose this mine, we have just days to voice objections with the State (deadline - August 31).  If they approve the permit, then our Fremont County Commissioners will have the final say before Zephyr Minerals, Ltd. can commence further operations. 

What can you do? Sign this petition now, we will get your voice heard.  Follow us here, and at Facebook,, tell like minded friends to do the same.  Our website is: Volunteer to act by going to About Us   We are sponsored by the Arkansas Valley Conservation Coalition.  

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To file an objection via DRMS  it MUST be filed online via their website.

Permit Number: M2021046
Permitting Action Type: Leave Blank
Permit Type: Leave Blank
County: Fremont
Site Name: Dawson Gold Mine
Permitee/Operator Name: Zephyr Gold USA Ltd
Comment or Objection: Objection

Key fears about the gold mine:  

Chemical leaks and pollution of Grape Creek and the Arkansas River affecting our water supply, landscape, fish and our burgeoning recreational industry.  

Depletion of our surface and sub-surface water supply. 

Fire hazard. 

Traffic hazard (many cyclists use Temple Canyon Road, increased traffic on 1st Street).  

Noise, dust, and light pollution.  Today the Wet Mountains are quiet mountains.  How will that change? 

 Damage to our stunning natural environment and disruption for our wildlife.

Fremont County has built wonderful serene trails in South Cañon.  How will they be effected?

Frequently Asked Questions:  Q1:   Has anyone done an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) required by the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) on the permit/proposal yet?  The Zephyr permit application only includes land owned by Zephyr or private parties, not public or BLM land. Hence, no environmental study is needed.

Q2:   How much time do we have to respond? The deadline to respond to the State Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety (DRMS) is August 31, 2021. If the DRMS approves the permit, the next step is to give feedback to the Fremont County Commissioners after they receive the permit application which we believe will be sometime in 2022.

Q3:  How deep will the mine be?  An appendix to the mine permit application indicates that the shaft may be as deep as 1,720 feet (at 4,780 feet elevation) below the surface portal at 6,500 feet.

Q4:  At what depth do they anticipate hitting gold?  An appendix to the mine permit application indicates that approximately 300 feet below the surface at 6,500 feet, gold veins are anticipated. 

Q5:  Will Temple Canyon road be changed?  "Fremont County will incorporate road  upgrading, maintenance requirements and repair agreement into the Conditional Use Permit from Fremont County"  (which has not yet been submitted).  Also: "The access [entrance road to mining site off Temple Canyon Road] will be constructed as directed by Fremont County Road and Bridge Department, including a culvert and security gate. The interior haul road will commence at FCR 3, crossing two private properties (approximately 600 ft.) then proceeding onto the Fremont Placer, owned by Zephyr. The haul road will be approximately 40 ft. wide including three ft. drainage ditch on each side."   


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!