Save Goliath

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Jennifer Urick
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The St Clair County Prosecuting Attorney wants to kill our dog.

Goliath needs your help to save his life, and ensure our family life as we know it.

At this moment we are scheduled for a show cause hearing on 11-30 @9:30 in Marine City Michigan. We are working on an adjournment but it is not guaranteed.

I am unable to provide all the details as this is currently an open case. The St Clair County Prosecuting Attorney wants to kill our boy Goliath due to an injury to another dog; which doesn't even live in Marine City or even Michigan.

Goliath is an intricate part of our family. One of his boys Brendon has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and seizure disorder.

Goliath has helped Brendon when he has had a hard/bad seizure by licking his face. He has helped bring Brendon out of his seizure and stops it from continuing.

Goliath loves his family and community, our neighbors love and adore him. He's always friendly when people come by and visit and just wants love and attention.

I feel if the St Clair County Prosecutor kills Goliath it will devestate our family. This will also hurt our son Brendon as it takes me and his father longer to get him out of a seizure than it does for Goliath. This is dangerous to Brendon's health as he has seizures at least once a day if not more.

Please share, help by coming to court on the 30th to show your support and save Goliath life.