Save Giant Steps Toronto - York Region!

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Giant Steps is a school & therapy centre that builds the skills and abilities of children with AUTISM through academics, therapies, life skills and inclusion.

The York Region District School Board's PLAN TO SHUT DOWN GIANT STEPS in September 2021 is a shameful and damaging hit on children and families.

Earlier this year, the York Region District School Board suddenly announced their intent to end our 25 year-old partnership in September 2021.

The Board cited primarily their policies of “equity” and “empowering ethical leadership”, and the claim that they now provide identical levels of therapies and other autism services. They denied their decision was budgetary, performance based or about student outcomes. 

Our community is stunned.

There has been no study, and no consultation with families, the Giant Steps’ team or other autism professionals. 

Why is the York Region District School Board targeting children with autism and their families?

We are left to ask this question and fight back against another attack on families living with autism in this province. 

Forced into the regular school system, our children will lose their speech, behaviour and occupational therapies and the seamless collaboration with academics, life skills and inclusion programs that is the foundation of their growth and development.

And gone will be our school itself, with all its specialized equipment and resource areas for students with autism.

Please help our kids!