Save Ghana from potential terrorists!

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For the past few years, Ghana has been plagued with requests from the United States on issues bordering on terrorism. In 2016, Ghana entered into a questionable one-sided deal with the United States of America to accept 2 ex-detainees of Guantanamo bay who were apparently not 'terrorists' but could not be accepted to the United States. 2 years on, the USA has washed their hands completely of these ex-detainees. We believe that partnership is good, however, we also believe that Ghana is not in a position to allow the USA unrestricted access to issues of a sensitive nature, particularly our security. With our dream of 'Ghana beyond Aid', we believe Ghana has much more to focus on than entering into frivolous one-sided deals with the USA. We therefore call on the President of Ghana to be firm- Ghana is not the only country in the world that can partner with the USA. As such, we call on him to be firm and in light of his constant rhetoric of making Ghana independent of foreign countries, reject this deal of unrestricted, non-taxable activities of the US military on Ghanaian soil. We believe that we have more to focus on- simply, let the USA look elsewhere.