Petition Update

Send Your Bibles to ABC!!!

Randy Bragdon
San Diego, CA

Jun 5, 2012 — OK TEAM GCB.... the light is GREEN.....

Send your bibles to the address below... make sure you include something that says "Paul Lee, Please Save GCB!"

ABC Entertainment
Attn: Paul Lee
77 W 66th St, Suite 100
New York, NY 10023-6201

1) Use Media Mail For Lower Postage Rates
2) Flat Rate Envelopes $4.95
3) Order Bibles Online - Ship Direct
4) Visit Dollar Stores & Drugs Stores For Discounted Bibles
5) Hotels, Motels =)
6) Many establishments have them for free

If you have tips, post them and we will share!!!

ALSO - upload your package before you send it to this page of

LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!

IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE SENDING A BIBLE.... please send a letter, postcard, cross or even BBQ sauce!

Anything with SAVE GCB written on it will work!!!