Save future Save OPBMS

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Some parents had fee-structure related issues with the school. Those parents managed to seriously jeopardize the school's reputation using some malpractices and false accusations.

Is elimination of a school, a solution to answer the complaints of a few parents?

Their actions have put a question mark to the existence of this 20 year old institution. The only school in the region which has left no stone unturned to provide quality education.

Just to feed the demands of a few parents,

  • How can somebody play with the future of approximately 3000 students?
  • What about the faculty members who have spent their entire career of teaching in this school?
  • What is the fault of the junior staff of school whose only source of income will be lost?

In this corona situation when so many people have already lost their jobs, how will these people manage to get new jobs? What about the students who will be deprived of a good school?

We cannot sit quiet and watch things happen. If a mere group of parents can lead our school to this situation, think about what wonders can be done if all those in support unite and stand by the school. 

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