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"I'm just tired of hearing bad news. When you've got health concerns, and when so many colleagues that you respect are being laid off, you just don't want to deal with it anymore." Asked about why he was retiring, this is what one of my best teachers said.

The San Diego school district, as of March, has cued many of my school's teachers and counselors to be laid off. I am from La Jolla High School, and we rank as 34 in all of California. Nationally, we rank 167, an impressive feat considering the thousands of high schools in the US; however, it seems as if the teacher's union and San Diego school district is taking that for granted, and has forgotten how we have achieved prestige.

We, as students, have not.

Although it is true that we may be more motivated than others to succeed, it would be foolish to assume that we come into school with that drive. Some of us do, but most of us don't. Ultimately, it is our teachers who motivate us to do well. Our counselors are no less important. Not everyone starts life with an equal footing, but our counselors do their best to ensure that as many opportunities as possible remain open to us. Because of the collective efforts of our teachers and counselors, our American Dream can stay alive.

With the cuts, my school has had every counselor, except for one, dismissed. Another position is up for bidding, and, in all likelihood, it will be filled by someone outside of and unfamiliar with my school. My school has over 1,600 students attending. This means that two counselors will have to handle that many students and many more parents. With the cuts, class sizes are now up to 50, and some English classes are even up to 70. One of the apparent solutions to handle increased class sizes is to hold classes in the auditorium. These changes will have very real impacts on us, and our standards and achievements will inevitably drop due to the lack of personalized help that is present in a normal high school class. Remember, we are a high school, not a college. When standards that indicate student achievement drop, it means that less students are falling short of realizing their dreams. It means that San Diego Unified School District and the teacher's union have knowingly let its students down. It means that we have begun to stop investing in the future.

These cuts are not unique to La Jolla High School. These cuts extend to all other schools that are part of the district. When you sign this petition, you are helping to make a clear statement to the district and union to stop the layoffs and to think about the future. This petition will be sent to every member of the board of education and delivered directly to the union: 

Everyday within our schools, our teachers and counselors are creating a future leader, a future inventor, a future pioneer. Perhaps one of us will even revolutionize the world. The education, knowledge, and motivation is what enables it, and each of those are invaluable assets to a student's future. With San Diego Unified School District's decision to layoff its teachers and counselors and the union's refusal to make concessions, they are affecting generations of students. Please help us stop this and remind them to prioritize education so as to continue investing in the future. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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