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Why this petition matters

Down town Santa Ana is tremendously under hardship due to the street car project that is being constructed on 4th St., downtown Santa Ana. The street is completely destroyed causing all the stores to be affected due to no business traffic.

Downtown is a place for most families to go for shopping essentials and this has effected even the surrounding neighborhoods that once had the option of simply driving to downtown. It has disrupted A routine of normal life for many like myself and my Family.

The small business owners are starting to suffer from this great stress and is caused an extreme hardship to their finances as they have experienced extreme decrease in business sales, Many worry if they will loose their store fronts due to this construction hardship.

 The solution and right thing to do is to bail out downtown Santa Ana so at least during the construction they can continue to maintain to be able to pay for their rent and daily needs.

If we gain favor and win this petition, 1.2 million dollars will go towards downtown Santa Ana businesses and this nightmare will be over!

please join our voice for DTSA small businesses.

Also meet us on 5/10/22 at 9:30am

333 w. Santa Ana Blvd. Santa Ana, Ca 92701

1,243 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!