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Save Cimaja Beach, West Java Indonesia

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This is for those who love Cimaja, the waves and its surrounding environment.

Cimaja locals gathered in protest of a new project the government wishes to construct.
The government Kabupaten Sukabumi has released a contract for a cement finish concrete wall down the creek that will be used as a pathway also along with this they plan to build a car park and a build a large concrete grandstand on Cimaja’s the beach. So far there has not been any government consultation nor has anyone taken any responsibility for the project. There has been no environmental impact assessment done, the total disregard for the environment and misconception of project is astounding. The last project that they attempted to build on Cimaja beach had been only half completed due to corruption as a manager ran with the money, this cement structure that they once planned to become a toilet block and recreational area led to direct loss of international tourism and permanent loss of the natural beauty, neglected by the people that were responsible it now barely stands as it appears to be starting to fall apart adding to the overall destruction of the natural beauty they once had.
Undisclosed Local Protester adds “They are only trying to spend some government money in any way in order to finish this year’s given budget. What this plan does not show are the different living species in their habitat that soon will no longer be, the erosion this will cause and not to mention how it will affect the waves once stone is shifted. This means tourism will plunge once again, leaving local business and local people poorer than they already are, this is our land also what makes them so great if they take away something that helps us everyday, my family rely on this creek to feed their family and also to make a little bit of money, this is not fair!”
The locals wish for this to be stopped as they cry for help while haunted by what might become, "until the day i die i will protest for this to be stopped, i will not let anyone damage our home once again" Undisclosed Local Protester
To all our friends out there that love our beaches please help us stand up to what is in our rights, help the locals be heard by government officials and put a stop to this plan of destruction, there will be a meeting held tomorrow at Cimaja Point Restaurant, if anyone wishes to attend please do.

Evan Anderson - Construction Technical Advisor Free Port ( also worked with OZ AID rebuilding communities from the tragic landslide they had a couple years ago in jogja, also he has built hospitals and schools in Afghanistan for the local people in the community - he knows what he’s talking about, and he explains what has been done so far and how it will and has affected the community and environment)

So far they have started work for 4 days since saturday.
They have had a lot of rock delivered and shifted .
Started to dig foundations and clear the area for the grandstand on the beach right on the corner where the pandans are, these pandans will also be cut away.
They have started to sandbag and dig foundations in the creek where they will build the wall, all the lizards, otters, fish and other species will be left with no home.
The wall they have started is too far out into the creek creating a bottleneck that is narrower than the rest of the creek, this will create more serious flooding for Desa Resort and the Cimaja kampung, also in this section there is to be a big drain out from the vegetable crops where the locals farm there crops.
The drainage pipes they plan to put there are no where near the large size that is needed during the heavy rains,
This will also back up the floods in the Cimaja kampung as the left side of the road up past the Cimaja square area drain through this.
Once concreted the natural fish nursery that happens in the creek will be dead along with the water monitor lizards and other living species leaving the locals being unable to fish once impun season .
They have not started to pour concrete or lay stone yet so the locals have a chance to still stop this.

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