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Keep Chiltern park condominium a family home, not a for-profit business!

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Chambers Property Management wants to start earning $30.00 per session to use the multifunction room. Our Chiltern Park condo has been around since 1995 and is already over 20 years old. They want to start charging fees for everything like the brand new condos in Singapore. Soon they will also start charging for the squash courts, the tennis courts, bbq pits and more!

What will the management company do with this money? No details have been given.

If you disagree with these new fees, please sign this petition and let Chambers Property Management know that the $30.00 non-refundable fee is not welcome.

**Update 1**

Due to the awareness of our campaign, the management company has issued a response and they are now charging $20.00 per session for the use of the multifunction room and said that all funds will be deposited into the Maintenance and Sinking fund of Chiltern Park.

This is a BROAD fund that falls under all costs associated with the management of the condo. What is the maintenance and sinking fund?

1. Maintenance fund
- Cost of looking after the common property
- Payment of insurance premiums
- Other recurrent expenses such as managing agent's service and consultation fee besides amounts covered by the sinking fund

2. Sinking Fund
The sinking fund is a fund collected to provide for future capital needs such as:
- Painting of the common property
- Acquiring movable property
- Renewing or replacing any fixtures on the common property and other 
property belonging to the Managing Agent/Committee
- Replacing, repairing or making good the common property
- Any debts other than amounts covered by the maintenance fund
- Other capital expenses that may be incurred

We already have high conservancy fees to pay for the maintenance and sinking fund. Why the need to charge for using the multifunction room?

Please sign the petition to show that we do not support charging extra fees for the maintenance of the common facilities. There is already a deposit fee in place to pay for any damages that occur.

 **Update 2**

The management has responded by saying that they are charging us extra fees for our own good because we cannot follow the rules.

They have given examples of other condos showing poor practice of charging high fees to their own residents as reasons for doing the same.

They have pulled out a rulebook that they wrote themselves showing clauses that they have the right to implement any rule they see fit whenever they want.

If the issue is misuse, then losing the deposit fee should be enough to deter future misuse. They say they have empowered he guards to conduct checks on all bookings to stop misuse. By this logic, the same guards can notify management of cases of misuse and inform the particular resident that they have forfeited their deposit fee. There should not be any need to charge an extra additional non-refundable fee to use these basic amenities. The same principle should apply to ALL our shared condo facilities (including the recently implemented non-refundable fee for the pool room).

If you do not agree with paying extra fees for using basic facilities at your own home, please come down and make your voice heard during the meeting with management on Tuesday Sep. 19th, 2017 at 7:15pm - 8:30pm at the Study Room.

**Update 3**

Apologies for the late update following the meeting with management on Tues Sep 19th. I was unable to attend due to the unfortunate timing of the meeting (7:15-8:30pm) being the busiest family time when dinner preparation, chores and other household activities need to be done!

I was able to have a talk with some of the attendees regarding the meeting and I will share with you the discussion points below:

Management has stated in no uncertain terms that they intend to impose charges on other facilities such as the tennis courts, squash courts, and bbq pits. They were emboldened that only 5 residents were able to make the meeting and felt that it was representative of the condo as a whole.
Therefore, they are keen to look at starting a pay-per use policy for the various condo facilities.

Reasons that they gave were the following:
1. management costs continue to rise
- example given was that landscaping/gardening costs tens of thousands of dollars

2. instituting pay-per use fees will delay increasing the conservancy/management fees
- the management did not say how long it will be delayed, what's to stop them from increasing the conservancy/management fees shortly after claiming that the pay-per use fees are not enough?

3. pay-per use policy will deter people from misusing the booking system
- apparently management has not been using the security deposit on any occasion to deter misuse
- they have not given training or responsibility to the security to deter misuse
- they have not stated if instituting the pay-per use policy will deter misuse only as it can possibly affect legitimate users as well, they have not offered a suitable monitoring solution to assess the effectiveness of their policy

Allow me to propose a question. If indeed the budget is so tight that you need to start instituting a pay-per use policy, what is the justification for the recently made rose garden that possibly nobody asked for?
Springbloom condominium is not instituting a pay-per use policy for the facilities. Perhaps the management there is budgeting appropriately?

One more thing to add, the management has targeted me personally for starting this petition. They made comments suggesting that I was a possibly misinformed and deluded individual. The main purpose of the meeting that the management arranged was targeted to talk to me (and not the other residents) to address my "misguided beliefs". There was NO intention from the management to offer alternative solutions. As such, I will not be identifying myself in future meetings to avoid this personal attack and this is clearly not an issue that can be resolved by addressing one individual.

Please kindly spread the word and fill out a quick poll to assess the general opinion of the Chiltern park residents. You will find the link below:


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