Save Carnation Neighborhood

Save Carnation Neighborhood

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Why this petition matters

Started by John Cavanagh

The initial plans for the lot formally occupied by Agave Farms have been presented to the surrounding homes. The project is currently being called Central & Glenrosa. Initial details can be found at:

The main concerns are the 3 story height adjacent to the perimeter, entry/exit sights and lack of larger units as well as low income units.

This petition is seeking those who oppose the project as it is being presented. Currently the main items we are seeking to be changed are presented as follows (these are subject to change with more community input:

We are asking for 25’ heights on 2nd Ave and Glenrosa with two story attached townhome apartments allowing a better transition from single family homes to multi family with the greatest density, and heights, pushed to the center and out to Central. We are asking 4% of the units be 3 bedrooms or larger to accommodate actual families. 

We are requesting all entrances and exits be relocated to Central Ave and one additional where it was originally planned on the south of the property located between plot 155-31-080 and 155-31-079B (Central and 1st Ave). This is to prevent excessive cut through traffic on skinny high pedestrian streets and roads never intended for excessive traffic. 

We are requesting all trash locations be located towards the center and Central Ave. to reduce noise levels. 

We are requesting a loading zone located away from the residential homes to supply commercial locations be required. 

We are requesting during construction all employees of the development are required to park on the property or at another designated location to prevent traffic and parking issues in the existing neighborhoods. 

We are requesting during construction that all building supplies be loaded and unloaded on the property and in NO way block or constrain neighborhood traffic. 

We are requesting the perimeter of the property accommodate a tree line, and that nearly mature trees are planted to immediately mediate the site lines and help with the transition into the neighborhood. 

We will be asking the city that this project needs to include 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits and HOME dollars (City controls HOME dollars, State controls the non competitive 4% tax credits) to create 20% of the units as restricted affordable to ensure an inclusive community. 

We appreciate your support. If we unify we can make this a better project that wont negatively affect our neighborhood.

Thank you


18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!