8 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anuj Goyal

Dear Parents and Students,

This petition is on behalf of thousands of students who want to pursue their medical education in Abroad for session 2022.

These students find it difficult to pursue our medical education in India due to very high costs and far lesser number of seats thereby making us explore countries abroad to pursue our Medical Education dream.

NMC choose of remain silent on students issues but suddenly issues adverse orders badly affecting them without being considerate. Retrospective implementation of FMGL regulations on 10000+ BS students of the Philippines have already left their careers at stake. Assuring 18000+ Ukraine war returned students of all possible support providing them right options to pursue their studies rather NMC choose not to even consider validity of their online classes during this tough period which brought huge agony and pain for parents and students. Both of these Philippines and Ukraine students are running from piller to post through legal cases, representations etc but inspite of relief NMC issues insensitive remarks that "aap humse puuch ke thode hi videsh padhne gaye the jo aab humse umeed laga rahe ho"

We don't want same fate to be repeated with thousands of NEET 2022 Abroad aspirants compromising their career, money and honest aspirations and thus want NMC to give a clear understanding of FMGL Gazette 2021.   


On 18 November 2021 National Medical Commission has laid down fresh guidelines FMGL Regulation 2021 for Foreign Medical Graduates who want to get registered in India after completing their Medical Education from overseas destinations.

This FMGL Regulation 2021 is presenting very tough conditions for Indian students to pursue their medical education in abroad in form rules of double internship or double registration. With these conditions students who are planning for MBBS Abroad education have to spend 8-9 years to complete their MBBS program. 

These regulations are creating a lot of confusions to all the students who want to plan their medical education aboard for session 2022. 

Students have requested NMC many times to issue a detailed explanation of the interpretations of these regulations in form of FAQ’s, circulars etc. but since last 8 months there is not even a single explanation from National Medical Commission.

Students have written to many Indian Embassies in other countries through RTI’s but even embassies are not clarifying our questions and are asking us to get a clear interpretation from National Medical Commission itself.

Off late many marketing agencies are approaching the students and enrolling them for admissions in multiple countries citing their own explanations of the FMGL guidelines to their advantage.

Many overseas institutions are issuing official notifications citing how they are fulfilling NMC gazette guidelines twisting and interpreting them as per their connivence. Many students are applying in panic to the universities abroad without an explicit clarity about impact of these regulations and the serious implications on their careers.

This issue also highlighted by some prominent media houses how students are students are mislead due to non-responsiveness of National Medical Commission.

At this critical time an official clarity is required from National Medical Commission to issue a detailed advisory on the points mentioned below. This will help all of us to overcome this and take an informed decision with being mislead.  


The FMGL Gazette 2021 (dated 18 Nov 2021) of NMC 

4. Grant of permanent registration to Foreign Medical Graduate.––No foreign medical graduate shall be granted permanent registration, unless he has–  


1. Clause a(ii) of the Gazette states that 

Undergone an internship for a minimum duration of twelve months in the same foreign medical institution;

Question: In some countries duration of 12 months of Internship is merged with the clinical practical training given across 4th to 6th year. These same universities were offering clinical and non-clinical studies without internships till 2021 as it was not mandatory to pursue 12 months internship till year 2021. It seems this is designed by these institutions to reduce the overall duration of course by 12 months thereby keeping the overall duration to 6 years.

National Medical Commission is requested to clarify the nature of internship for foreign medical students and clarify is this distributed internship will be counted as a valid internship or we have to do one more year of internship.

2. Clause a(iii) of the Gazette states that 

Received a foreign medical degree with medium of instructions in English; and 

Question: Many of the countries with world class medical education are teaching in their local languages. It’s important for an applicant to first clear their language levels and then apply for admission in to their medical institutions. Almost all the countries in European Union like Germany teach in their local languages to any foreign students especially when it comes to Medical Education. 

National Medical Commission should specify that if a student is planning to pursue his education in countries like Germany etc which teaches in local language, will he get permanent registration in India post completion of education and clearing NEXT exam. 


3. Clause 4(b) of the Gazette states that 

No foreign medical graduate shall be granted permanent registration, unless he has registered with the respective professional regulatory body or otherwise, competent to grant license to practice medicine in their respective jurisdiction of the country in which the medical degree is awarded and at par with the license to practice medicine given to citizen of that country; 

Interpretation 1: A foreign student needs to have registration with a professional regulatory body of the country after obtaining necessary licence allowing him to practice as a medical doctor in that country at par with local students from where degree is awarded.

Interpretation 2: A foreign student needs to be registrable with the professional regulatory body of the country which makes him eligible to seek licence to practice in that country at par with students. 

Question: There has been a huge confusion about this clause of 4(b) and every stakeholder institution, counsellor, student is interpreting as per their own understanding. We request NMC to clarify whether 4(b) means we have to eligible to register in the country OR we have to clear the licencing exam of the respected country and get registration to practice in that country. 

Respected PM sir if we assume Interpretation 1 then after compiling multiple RTI responses through Embassy and official replies from medical councils of these countries it becomes very difficult for a foreign medical graduate to complete his medical degree with the conditions mentioned below.

1. Some countries does not allow foreign nationals to appear for their licencing exams and practice in their territories. E.g. Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal etc.

2. In some countries conduct their licencing exams in local languages which requires a high language proficiency. E.g. Russia, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus etc. 

3. In some countries medical students have to undergo Postgraduate clinical residency training after undergraduate medicine program during which students can appear for qualification internship examination. After passing this exam students get the right to practice in the respective country e.g. Republic of Belarus, Georgia.  

After getting unheard and unnoticed since last many months and suffering high state of depression, anxiety and helplessness students request NMC to please get us a detail clarification so that they can take an informed decision to pursue our dream of serving our country as doctors.

Students and parents are requested to please sign this petition for seeking clarity from National Medical Commission for our safe careers. 

A collective voice of students has a great power to reach to the ears of policy makers to break their silence and take the subject into urgent cognisance for larger welfare of innocent students and parents. 

In anticipation of getting quick justice.



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Signatures: 1,057Next Goal: 1,500
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