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Save Cambridge from the City Deal

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The City Deal was set up to encourage growth and investment in the Greater Cambridge area predominantly through the use of infrastructure projects. However, the proposed City Deal projects threaten to ruin the city and its surroundings, are not truly sustainable and are not innovative enough to be truly future-proof.

  • Milton and Histon Roads are to be widened for bus lanes, removing all the trees and grass verges, despite the fact that there is little evidence for the efficacy of bus lanes in changing transport habits.
  • An enormous Park & Ride site will be constructed on Madingley Hill, a prominent position overlooking the entire city.
  • A concrete busway will be ploughed through Coton village destroying Green Belt land and the West Fields at a cost of £140m despite the fact there is little demand for this bus route.
  • Roads in the city centre will be closed to cars during peak times, a step likely to increase congestion and air pollution.
  • And there are other projects, all committed to driving more buses into our tiny city centre which already suffers from illegally high levels of air pollutants.

Most projects have been widely opposed by local residents. Despite lengthy consultation periods the opinions of residents are being ignored. The purpose of this petition is to bring Cambridge and Cambridgeshire residents together to cast a vote of no confidence in the City Deal. The process needs to be restarted for the benefit of local people before hundreds of millions of pounds are wasted. At present the only people who stand to benefit from the City Deal are developers and a few landowners. 

The City Deal board needs to spend £100m before 2019 to secure a further £400m of funding for the 2020-2035 period. The City Deal projects are therefore mandated on the need to find quick and suitably expensive projects. The City Deal is not trying to solve congestion in Cambridge. It is trying to spend £100m. Two high profile City Deal executives have so far resigned due to the short-sightedness of the current board.

  • Truly radical solutions such as trams and light rail are off the table because they are deemed too expensive (which is untrue).
  • Simple, intelligent solutions such as car share lanes during peak times are off the table as they are too cheap.
  • Common sense and much-called for solutions such as upgrading the Girton Interchange to be an all-ways junction are off the table as they require the City Deal to liaise with Highways England.

And it’s not like the people of Cambridge are incapable of coming up with innovative solutions. Cambridge Connect and Smarter Cambridge Transport are just two examples of impartial groups evolving intelligent and sustainable transport solutions for Cambridge.

Please cast your vote of no confidence in the City Deal. Let’s restart this process for the benefit of local people and keep our city special.

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