Save Bureh Beach - Relocate IPAM

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Please relocate the IPAM campus and preserve the beauty of Bureh Beach for future generations!

Bureh Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is passionately loved by Sierra Leonean and foreign visitors alike. It has developed into a blossoming low-key tourism destination over the past years and has attracted significant investment. Visitors appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding forested hills and the beach, as well as the peaceful atmosphere of a lovely small community. Tourism at Bureh Beach has created much-needed employment in the community and has greatly contributed to Sierra Leone's reputation as a beautiful and friendly travel destination. 

We who love and treasure Bureh Beach are deeply concerned about the plan to construct an IPAM college campus for thousands of students in Bureh

The natural beauty of the area will be destroyed by a project of this magnitude through deforestation, traffic, urbanisation and crowding. As a result, one of the most promising tourism destinations in Sierra Leone and one of the last unspoilt beaches on the peninsula will lose its touristic potential and many jobs in this sector may be lost. Furthermore, the Bureh Town community lacks water for its approximately 600 inhabitants. A water crisis is feared if thousands more will rely on the scarce water.

We strongly support the great efforts of the Government to provide quality education, and we support the construction of a new IPAM college campus. With the utmost respect, however, we urge the Government of Sierra Leone and the directors of IPAM to reconsider the planned location of this development. The last bit of unspoilt landscape on the Freetown Peninsula is at risk.

Please relocate the IPAM campus and preserve the beauty of Bureh Beach for future generations!

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