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Save Bowland Montessori Pre School

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Our wonderful, alternative, foward thinking pre school has been struck down by yet more failure within our education system and will close next month if we don't intervene.

Bowland Montessori is a fantastic educational setting which allows children to learn and develop like children should - through outdoor play, experiences and exploration of their world, not to being shackled to targets.

A recent Ofsted visit may mean that our wonderful school loses its funding. In the short term this will mean all our children will have to find new placements in the next 6 weeks. Parents who rely on the school for childcare whilst they work to provide money for their families are faced with the possibility of not being able to find alternative childcare. Children, many of whom are due to make the (sometimes daunting) change to primary school are being pulled out of the environment they feel comfortable in and being forced to join a new one full of unknowns.

In the long term this means a huge blow to our community - a wonderful, alternative and forward looking education setting which has provided so many children with a variety of opportunities, will no longer exist in its current format.

Bowland Montessori must be given the time and support which is needed to make changes and to continue to develop strong, independant children.

This may not affect you directly but be clear, it is yet another blow to our children's education. It is time the government stood up and listened to us as parents and what we know is best. A previous teacher with many years experience has spent the last ten years developing this wonderful pre school and giving our children opportunities they certainly would not have had elsewhere (an 'easy' five mile walk, jam making, river wading....) yet has been constantly shackled by the government, their targets and assessments. How is an educational system such as Finland, which is proven to be one of the best in the world and which uses outdoor education at the heart of its philosophy, glanced over in favour of a target, assessment driven system such as ours.

If you care about our children's futures, in whatever format you feel is best for them, then please let this government know.

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