Save Bonobo Bili from Wuppertal Zoo - Bring him to the UK

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Urgent petition! Bili the Bonobo is about to be euthanized unless we help him now

Bili was born in England in 2008. His mother did not accept him, so he came to Frankfurt at the age of 3 months. Contrary to the claims of the Wuppertal Zoo, he was very well integrated into his group there before he was shipped to Wuppertal as a new breeding male.

In the following weeks, they tried to integrate him into the group, but failed. The Bonobo group began to attack Bili violently, resulting in him losing an ear, and left him severely traumatized in the Bonobo concrete bunker.

Zoo visitors are horrified by his sight and many end up crying.

Bili can no longer be integrated into any other bonobo group. And yesterday the zoo issued a statement in which they stated that they are even thinking about putting Bili to sleep. That’s why we’re calling for the Wuppertal Zoo and other decision makers to immediately bring the Bonobo male Bili to the Ape Monkey Rescue Sanctuary in, Wales UK, or a similar facility. Bili has already been offered a place there.

As someone living in Germany, I’m dissappointed to see the negative attitude towards Bili by the zoo and hope he is better off at home in the UK. Being bitten to death or euthanised is not an option!

We won't let that happen. Please save Bili’s life!