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Petra Bente
Dresden, Germany

Feb 8, 2019 — 

Dear all
Thank you for your continuous support in rescuing Bili.

Video footage from yesterday afternoon shows how the entire group attacked him and hurt him severely. Nobody helped him.

The spokesperson of the Zoo Wuppertal was present during the attack didn’t see it necessary to step in or call a keeper to dissolve the fight by a jet of water or any other way.

After the attack in which Bili lost a toe and was seemingly injured in his genital area, he remained on the floor not moving in pain. The video footage also shows the Bonobo groups “Terror Twins” were attacking old Mato, who has been protecting Bili from the rest of them.

Please watch the video

Bili is purposely exposed to prolonged and recurring significant pain and suffering. Most of the time, Bili's movement is so deliberately limited that it inflicts pain, avoidable suffering, and damage - through attacks by his peers. The life and wellbeing of Bili is not adequately protected by those responsible at this zoo. There are violations of Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Germany's Animal Welfare Act.

In response to statements made by the Zoo during a press conference on (need to check the date) towards german media concerning the Ape Monkey Rescue, Wales I have received the following statement by Jan und Graham Garen, who runs the sanctuary:

“1. No we have no bonobos, Neither do we have any animal living a sad, lonely, miserable life. What we do have are happy animals with many successful integrations, including inter-species.

2. Knowing as they repeatedly say that male bonobos require the protection of their mothers, why place Bili in a vulnerable and dangerous situation? It is not normal to see a primate cowering in fear and covered in bites. You won't see that here. The key to good animal welfare, taking into account the 5 freedoms is to recognise when relationships are not going to work. Then to do something about it. Wuppertal and EEPS were aware of the problem of male bonobos without maternal protection and still they went ahead with placing alone 10 year old male into an established group.

3. Wuppertal and EEP are between them responsible for this appalling situation and EEP should be able to locate another partner for Bili who may be facing similar problems.

4. We do not have to justify our Sanctuary. We as a Registered Charity have a moral obligation to offer help, if we can, to any captive primate in danger. It is written into our articles. Also we are not the ones who have placed Bili in this situation of being the subject of uncontrolled attacks.

5. Zoos have enough money to have started another group in new accommodation”

Please share Bili’s story now

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Petra Bente

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