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Saving Bluefin Tuna and the Amazon Forest   :)       Get the latest news and action alerts from Greenpeace   :)       Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. monthly newsletter, August   We are happy to announce three great victories for the Amazon! Timberland steps up to save the rainforest
Thanks to all of the emails and calls activists like you sent to the company, Timberland has announced a new policy agreement with Greenpeace that will help ensure the leather used in its boots and shoes is not contributing to new deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest or to global warming. The policy will not only guide Timberland’s leather procurement from Brazil to ensure that it’s not supporting deforestation, the policy also sets a deadline for Timberland suppliers to publicly commit to a moratorium on cattle expansion in the Amazon. Read more

Leather giant moves to end Amazon destruction  
Bertin, the world’s largest leather exporter, is joining the fight against deforestation and climate change by finally doing the right thing and backing the call for a moratorium on buying cattle from farms responsible for Amazon deforestation. Read more

Soy moratorium extended to 2010
Greenpeace is very happy to announce that the Amazon Soy Moratorium has officially been extended to July 2010. The Soy Moratorium is essentially a commitment not to trade soy from areas in the Amazon Biome that were deforested after July 24, 2006. The moratorium is enforced by the Soy Working Group, which was established in 2006 to implement the moratorium and is made up of representatives from the soy growing and exporting industry as well as various NGOs, including Greenpeace. The Soy Moratorium is a critical piece of Amazon protection, so its extension is welcome news indeed. Read more   Big Oil slips up & Greenpeace is there to catch them!

A memo detailing Big Oil’s plans to avoid new regulations of its dirty energy supply was leaked to Greenpeace. The American Petroleum Institute (API) took a cue from the health care reform protesters who have used intimidation tactics like shouting down members of Congress at their in-district town hall meetings.

Big Oil companies planned to run an “Astroturf” campaign where oil employees would attend anti-climate action rallies pretending to be concerned “Energy Citizens.” In response, Greenpeace activists laid down some Astroturf (the real kind) in front of the D.C. headquarters of the American Petroleum Institute (API), along witha sign that read, "CLIMATE FRAUD, FUNDED BY BIG OIL.” Take action   Save the Bluefin Tuna Extinction is forever. That's why it’s upsetting to see bluefin tuna disappearing before our eyes. Northern bluefin tuna populations are on the brink of collapse. Sadly, the species faces the very real threat of commercial extinction within the coming decade.

The bluefin tuna fishery, propped up by skyrocketing price tags at sushi bars around the world, is full of corruption and piracy. The total yearly catch of northern bluefin is much higher than what scientists have recommended.

Recently, five European countries including Monaco, France, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany announced their intentions to award the bluefin tuna special endangered speacies protections under international law. Now, the world is looking to the United States. We are a major consumer of bluefin tuna and our support is necessary for the species to survive.

Tell the United States government to stand up for the bluefin tuna. Take action   Traitor Joe ducks in the frozen food aisle to avoid the truth Thanks to all of you who’ve kept the pressure on Trader Joe’s. They have been feeling the heat from your phone calls, karaoke songs and in-store demonstrations and questions to store managers. The pressure is working. Trader Joe's is hearing our message and realizing that ocean conservation is important to all of us. But, instead of responding with truth and honesty, Trader Joe's has resorted to telling more lies.

Trader Joe's announced they’d consider following sustainable seafood recommendations published by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s also said they’d continue selling red list species and don't actually have any sort of agreement with the Aquarium.

Trader Joe's has come up with some "less-than-honest" responses when questioned about their sustainable seafood by activists and shoppers. Read our response

Phone calls are still needed. Even if you have used our phone action tool before, please take action again and tell your friends to do the same. The pressure is working, but we need to keep it up. Take action!  
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Part docu-drama, part sci-fi flick, part sci-fi flick, The Age of Stupid global premier is happening on September 21st. A very special opening night screening event will be broadcast from New York City to theaters around the country. Pre-order your tix now! (Use the "Buy Tickets" box on the right of the page.)

Greenpeace is proud to have partnered with the makers of this film to raise awareness of the dire consequences of inaction.
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