Save Blackmans Bay Bluff from irreversible over-development

Save Blackmans Bay Bluff from irreversible over-development

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Erica Clark started this petition to Kingborough Council (Councillors) and

Stop the rezoning and over-development of waterfront MaryKnoll and save our beautiful,  beachside suburb. And save our Swift Parrot!

Council supports the re-zoning of MaryKnoll in the Blackmans Bay Bluff area which would enable 70 community homes to be built on the waterfront. The community has not been given the whole story on the detriment this will do to the area and it’s current and new residents.

At first it sounds like  a wonderful idea to have low cost and community housing,  who wouldn’t support affordable housing? But this proposal is not what it seems and is not common sense!

1. Who can make the decision?

  • Kingborough Council should withdraw their decision to support this development and recommend better alternatives to the Planning Commission. 
  • CatholicCare can withdraw the proposal as it is drafted, and work with the community and developer on a better solution that helps everyone in the community.  
  • The Tasmanian Planning Commission will assess the proposal and hear submissions from the public. 

2. Why support this petition?

  • Our roads and infrastructure (current and future) will not cope with this influx of 200-300 people and around 200 cars in that small area.
  • The number of units that will be allowed to be built on the re-zoned areas (which are smaller block sizes than allowable under current rules) will create mass over-development and cannot be reversed.
  • Endangered swift parrots live in the small reserve next to the land - no impact assessment has been done but part of their habitat including nesting areas will be destroyed.
  • Important and beautiful vegetation will be destroyed by the zoning boundary and the density of multiple units on block sizes that are smaller than permitted under existing planning provisions.
  • Council is not keeping its promise under the Future Character Statement and other policies and planning schemes which commit to keeping Blackmans Bay pleasant living environment.
  • Indigenous heritage and artifacts in the area of land have not been properly investigated.
  • The Council are not following their strategic plan to develop other agreed areas first (only 800 metres away!) that have less impact on the environment and the character of the suburb and have better roads and access to shops and services for residents. 
  • Council are not listening to their trusted staff who are experts in planning and advise against the re-zoning.

There are options in the area to provide affordable housing and do a better job of creating a happy place to live for both new and existing residents. 

3. Where can you find more information?


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!