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Save Berlin`s unique and popular Späti-culture! #RettetdieSpätis

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This petition is a voice against the politicans and the German „Ordnungsamt“ who are planning to ban all Spätis (Spätverkauf) to sell alcoholic drinks and tobacco on sundays. On the top of this miserable idea they are as well talking about a general prohibition on selling alcohol (except in Restaurants, Bars and Clubs – but in all little stores, Spätis etc.) on the weekend between 10pm and 5am.

Berlin is becoming Munich and we have to stop this sad trend!

As you may have noticed, every Späti has a unique style and mostly a very sympathetic owner who only wants to make a living for his family by having his own little shop. Unfortunately the law is against the Spätis but there is a chance we could change something together. Spätis are a part of Berlin`s culture and a central venue for young and old, locals and travelers. We can´t imagine the city without them. Some of the Spätis would have to close completely cause sundays are their bestselling days because they don´t have to compete with big supermarket-brands.

Please help us to raise enough voices and click here to sign our petition. With every new signature we can make the politicians realize that the people who live in this awesome city are not willing to let go of their freedom, fun and the right to sell tasty stuff on the weekend.

Thank you,


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