Save Bengaluru, save 112 trees

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Dear friends,

As reported in BangaloreMirror, BBMP has invited to register objection if any to cutting of 112 trees for Jayamahal road widening and that too in only 10 days starting 6th Feb'17.

I would like to remind you the extreme UV radiation(10+ index), heavy air and water pollution Bengaluru is suffering from. Below is link to a study which shows that the city is not even worth living now, its dead!

And we all are aware that the biggest reason of these is trees cut massively for rapid and unplanned urbanization. I am sure that you would agree that if we keep cutting the trees, it will promote collective suffering and not growth.

A simple search reveals that Bengaluru just has 0.1 tree per person while healthy ratio has to be 1 tree per person. Once a garden city has already turned into a concrete jungle. 

I am requesting the government to work towards getting more trees planted and stop trees being cut in the name of development. 

Friends please sign this petition and let the authorities know views of its citizen.