Save Beaverdam in Asheville, NC - Say NO to high density development!

Save Beaverdam in Asheville, NC - Say NO to high density development!

April 12, 2021
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Why this petition matters

In December of 2020, Amarx Construction purchased an approximately six-acre lot in the Pinecroft neighborhood of the Beaverdam Valley. They intend to build a thirty-three unit complex consisting of ten triplex townhouses and three single family houses. This development is contradictory to Ordinance 09-08-03 Amendments to Buncombe County Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update which states that overdevelopment in Beaverdam Valley would:

  • lead to slope destabilization, increased erosion and stormwater runoff which will result in direct and significant damage to existing homes.
  • have an adverse impact on the community due to traffic dangers and congestion.
  • compromise the “exceptionally high” quality of life in Beaverdam Valley, preserved due to the lack of such high-density complexes.
  • cause irreparable destruction of natural wildlife habitat.

The Beaverdam Community Land Use Ordinance permits only low-density single-family development in order to facilitate the adequate provision of transportation and other infrastructure, to protect the value of property and to protect existing development from incompatible uses.”

Beaverdam Valley is a rare gem of well-preserved rural life, as described in the 2009 ordinance cited above. Allowing such a development would compromise an already fragile way of life and set a dangerous precedent for future developers. While growth is inevitable, it must also be handled with responsibility. The Amarx proposal is not responsible growth in that it does not take into consideration the impact on existing homes and residents, nor is it in line with the 2009 ordinance.

The lot in question – 502 Beaverdam Road – is one of three lots recently subdivided from one larger lot. They are inexplicably zoned RM-16, a type of zoning reserved for high-density urban settings and includes limited commercial use. It is absurdly out of place surrounded by single family homes with quarter-acre lots. The infrastructure of Beaverdam Valley is not equipped to handle such development and will surely lead to additional costs of emergency upgrades and repairs as well as significant inconvenience on the residents of the area.

Asheville City Council, Asheville Planning Department and other government representatives need to hear from Asheville residents that the Beaverdam Valley area is not suitable for high density development. Furthermore, we need to urge city council to please pause any development on those lots until a full review of the zoning can take place. We also need to ask the city to only allow growth and development in a responsible and minimally impactful way.

What's at stake:

  • Environment - The wooded lot and surrounding areas are home to wildlife including bears, turkeys, deer, birds and rabbits. Old trees absorb stormwater and provide a sound buffer.
  • Flooding - With a steep slope, stormwater runoff will significantly impact the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Traffic - Excessive travel on Pinecroft Road and Beaverdam Road which are not designed for this density will impact safety. 
  • Increased Costs - For maintaining or upgrading the local sewage system and other Asheville city services.
  • Surrounding Homes - Damage to foundations from construction and flooding expected. 

The Current Status:

Amarx Construction will be submitting plans to the city by April 27th.  Once plans meet the city guidelines, they will be submitted to Technical Review Committee for review and then to the city for final Site Plan Approval. We only have a few months before developer has final approval to move forward with the project.  

Here's What You Can Do:

  1. Sign this petition today and pass it on to others
  2. Help spread the word and talk to your neighbors. Post on social media.
  3. Write to Asheville City Council members and planning department. Visit our website at to download sample letter and marketing tools.
  4. Attend the upcoming hearings and verbalize your dissatisfaction with the current zoning. Ask that the developer build responsibly and consistently with the 2009 Buncombe County City Ordinance to include no greater than ten single family homes on lots no smaller than .25 acres each with primary access to the houses using Valley Road and not Pinecroft Road. We will post dates of the upcoming hearings on the website. 


Support now
Signatures: 3,222Next Goal: 5,000
Support now