Save Barrenjoey

Save Barrenjoey

11 January 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gordon Lang

Barrenjoey Headland is the second most visited site in Northern Beaches with an estimated 250,000 people per annum climbing to the top, including many international and non-resident visitors. They are attracted by its pristine environment as well as the spectacular views.

The Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Draft Plan of Management (PoM) includes Action Items to use two Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Cottages on Barrenjoey Headland for “community use or visitor services (e.g. short stay accommodation, visitor tours)” and the Boatman’s Cottage at the foot of the headland for “short stay accommodation”.

The proposed use of the cottages for short stay accommodation is not an appropriate use for a number of reasons – 

·       there is no road and no vehicular access to the headland to ferry guests, their baggage and food up to the headland and to remove rubbish, 

·       there is necessarily no outdoor lighting on the headland (so safety is an issue), and 

·       the cottages are not in a fit condition to provide accommodation nor should  their heritage integrity be compromised by the provision of modern conveniences for guests. 

The recent incident where it took 3.5 hours to reach and bring out a sick visitor demonstrates the danger of limited access. 

The use of cottages for short stay accommodation will mean only a few have full access to the Headland and the public will be discouraged from visiting. The appropriate uses of the cottages are daytime uses – a kiosk to provide drinks and snacks to visitors, art gallery/studios/art school, music, historical/interpretation displays or education, sale of memorabilia.

The community and its community organisations have previously demonstrated on many occasions since the 2002 PoM was introduced, including a public rally in 2013, that they are opposed to the introduction of short stay accommodation on Barrenjoey Headland.


We urgently request NPWS and the Minister for the Environment (the Minister) as follows: -

1.   To remove from the Draft Plan of Management any reference to “accommodation” so far as it relates to Barrenjoey Headland, except for the purpose of providing accommodation on the Headland for a caretaker or staff;

2.   To insert into the Draft Plan of Management a specific provision preventing NPWS or the Minister from leasing or in any way making any part of the Headland available to a third party for any purpose which might relate to or result in the provision of accommodation on the Headland;

3.   To immediately commence the process of preparing a separate Plan of Management for the Headland, designed to 

o   Protect and preserve the natural, cultural, historic and built environments of the Headland, in accordance with the National Parks & Wildlife Act; and 

o   Preserve public daytime access to the Headland; and 

o   Encourage the daytime use of these environments for cultural, educational, artistic or informational purposes.

photo courtesy of Pittwater Online


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Signatures: 1,593Next goal: 2,500
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