Save Australia's Iconic Brumbies from Eradication Stop the War on Brumbies

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THE  SURVIVAL OF  AUSTRALIA'S WILD LIVING BRUMBIES has  become a matter of International interest. The eyes and ears of the world are supporting Australia's Brumbies, and we thank you.

In New South Wales Brumbies that have lived in harmony with nature for over 200 years and  protected by NSW Legislation,   are trapped and some sent to knackeries! The disgraceful lack of respect for the Parliamentary system that acknowledged the Heritage value of the Brumbies must be stopped. The purpose and object of the Act was never to send Brumbies to a knackery but to manage sustainable populations of wild living horses.

The Minister must immediately open the new Management Plan for Public consultation.

In Victoria, Brumbies have lived in harmony with flora and fauna for 150 to 200 years and in tourist areas they are revered and respected. Brumbies are sadly  under threat of ground shooting or at worst an aerial cull. Brumbies in Barmah National Park have been blamed for alleged damage to Moira grasses caused by  seasonal flooding in the Barmah Wetlands, until recently when Senior Hydrologist, Keith Ward, announced the Moira grasses have never before been so healthy.

Lily D'Ambrosio, Minister for the Environment has been asked in Parliament to not only review the Plan that would see the Brumbies removed because of the alleged damage to Moira grasses, but to provide copies of wetland reports. If Moira grasses are healthy with Brumbies present, then there is no need for their removal. This is another case of using Brumbies as scapegoats for mis-management of public assets.

WE DEMAND an immediate and independent count of all brumbies within the Alpine National Park that is not undertaken by adopting the flawed St Andrews Methodology that has led to grossly innacurate numbers. The 2021 count of 14,000 Brumbies in the Kosci National Park is flawed beyond reason, is challenged.

Please refer to the website for information and an analysis of the data from past years. The St Andrews methodology is unsuitable for brumbies and the methodology includes areas where brumbies could not possibly habitate. This flawed approach must be remedied before any further population counts are undertaken.

No action of any kind should be taken without knowledge of populations and current plans to trap,  and remove Brumbies is reckless and fixated on false and scientifically unproven claims of "damage" within the Parks. There is in fact no peer reviewed science that has proven that brumbies cause the damage alleged by extreme politicised groups.

The NSW Government, "misled" by extremist political elements link false population numbers to alleged damage caused by Brumbies which is scientifically unproven, misleading and designed to desensitize the community to the destruction of Heritage brumby populations by incorrectly blaming brumbies for damage to native habitat  and native species,  which is false.

Extremist politicised groups must not intermingle in decisions concerning Australia's cultural heritage values.

Barmah national park numbers are also  in dispute as is the methodology used for population counts of Brumbies is mathematically and scientifically, impossible.

Further, Brumby populations are self stabilising and numbers have changed over the 150 to 200 years of their presence to reflect seasonal and other changes for example bushfires and other natural events, like flooding and drought as  in Barmah Forest. 

A Moratorium on current management plans.

No action  of any kind concerning brumbies living in the Alpine National Park or Barmah, including trapping rehoming,  shooting or sending to knackeries,  should be taking place and must not proceed.   We demand  appropriate numbers counts with representatives from brumby groups being present and in New South Wales a CAP member representative of Brumby Groups.

Victorian Legislation

In Victoria we seek the enactment of Victorian Brumby Legislation and the appointment of a community advisory panel with a representative from each of the 3 key areas which shall make recommendations to the Minister on an  appropriate and suitable Management Plan. 

In New South Wales, we demand Minister Kean open the management plan for public consultation immediately.

The Cultural and Heritage Value of Brumbies 

Brumbies are an integral part of Australia’s social history and hold important cultural and heritage value for all Australians. 

Today’s Brumbies are descendants of the same founding stock of Brumbies that were used during  World War 1.  Genetic sampling has been taking place since 2014 with Australian Brumbies being included in the World Wild Horse Data base, undertaken by the university of Texas with Dr Gus Cothran at the helm.

To date,  DNA sampling has established a DNA line individual to the Barmah Horses and Barmah National park with over 80 samples tested.

The Australian Brumby is a much-loved iconic figure and has been immortalized in Elyne Mitchell’s Silver Brumby books, recorded in many poems, films, songs, internationally acclaimed artworks and folklore since colonization.

Brumbies contributed toward establishing the colonies in Australia.

Brumbies contribute positively to the flora in areas where they live. They contribute to the ecological biodiversity and have done so well before National Parks came into being. The biodiversity of National Parks has  evolved over 200 years and populations of species inluding Brumbies cohabit successfully. 

The State Governments  ignore current and international independent science that leans toward the reintroduction of large herbivore to the natural environment because of  ecological benefits gained in areas where large herbivore had previously been removed.   

Brumbies in fact forage on growth that reduces fire hazards, they spread and reintroduce seeds, their contribution is widely acknowledged by independent science.  The  presence of Brumbies is in fact complimentary to native species and Brumbies have lived symbiotically and successfully with native and other wildlife in our National Parks for nearly 200 years.

Good Management requires Brumby populations be -   formally recognised for their direct links to original settler founding stock, and   their essential contribution to early settlement survival, and as army remounts,

Flawed Research 

Research relied on by Governments does not fully assess ALL impacts, both positive and negative, and fails to differentiate impacts from other introduced species, reporting instead on Brumbies, yet reports relied on do not prove that Brumbies irrevocably damage the environment, and policies based on flawed research are a highly questionable drain on taxpayers’ money with significant and alarming potential for tragic loss of Australia’s Cultural heritage.

In order to conserve our Brumbies it is vital that Brumby research accurately reflect the dynamics of Brumby populations and how they interact in the environment in  order to preserve and conserve  viable Brumby populations. 

In Victoria The enactment of  Legislation to protect Victorian Brumbies,  the  “Victorian Brumby Heritage Act” (Vic)  shall  “recognise the heritage value of sustainable wild horse populations within the Barmah, Alpine National Park and surrounding area of the Bogong High Plains, and to protect that heritage.”

In New South Wales the Legislation must be upheld and the Minister must open the Management Plan to Public Consultation without any further delay.


Photo Credit: Karen Ferguson The Memory Keeper's Pocket - Brumbies Currango

Please sign the Campaign letter that will send a letter to your Members of Parliament calling for the introduction of a Bill for  Legislation in Victoria,

the Victorian Heritage Brumby Act.