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Save another girl from the torture and harassment I suffered and justice for myself

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Hi I am just sharing this story to save another girl from the harassment I had to go through.

It’s the story of an MBA Girl in Chandigarh. It’s a typical example of Harassment and Injustice done to a Girl... You guys must be thinking why somebody will do such a thing. So here is my story… I got married on 26th November, 2015 to a man who I discovered in due course of time belonged to a greedy and fraud FAMILY which turned my life upside down. He stated that he had done MDS and had a government job in a government hospital in Gurgaon. But later we got to know that he and his family cheated us by telling about his job and his education background. We come from educated families and thus it was shocking for me to learn that still in our society people ask dowries and blackmail girls & their parents and cheat people. For me, earlier it was just a heard fact but after my marriage it became a hard core reality. I was staying with my husband and in- laws in Noida. Just after a month of our marriage, in end of December 2015 I learned about his affairs with other girls, still after his assurance that he will be faithful I forgave him. Still he and his family kept demanding money on one pretext or other and when I refused then one night after a physical and mental torture they sent me back to Chandigarh stating I could attend the wedding of a friend and my husband would join me later. But he never came and they never let me return to Noida either. In the mean time I learnt that his education qualification, age and job particulars given to us were incorrect. They kept all the household things including my clothes, qualification degrees, shoes and every other belonging with them. They never got our marriage registered nor let me get it registered with the sole purpose of fraud.

I realized it only then that they had been planning on doing this but I wasn’t aware of it the whole duration. Thankfully, unlike many other girls, I had full support from my family both emotionally and in terms of legal proceedings. All this took toll over me mentally but with my family’s support we finally filed complaint with the women cell on 18th May 2016 and a case of annulment in Chandigarh district court in July 2016. But till date nothing happened neither an FIR was lodged against them nor any action has been taken against them. My in-laws and husband haven’t been corporative with the police nor been very active in court. Even after repetitive requests by the court and the police, they haven’t reached a compromise. Instead the police have also found proofs against them that they are still looking out for girls to marry their son. He is still looking for other girls stating that he is unmarried. The police have records stating that he looked for girls even in June 2016.  He shamelessly still drives around in the car that he brought from the money my parents gave him during our marriage.  

They want me to forget about all the money my parents gave them and forget about the injustice that I have suffered. This entire event has caused me and my family so much humiliation and disrespect. Since I am a girl they bring up all ugly and undignified false allegations which make it all the more challenging to fight for this cause. I feel guilty why I was born as a Girl when this society has no respect for Women. I and my family have tried all legal ways to be heard but after such intense torture now this petition is my only hope. I do not seek any judgment from anyone who reads my plea. But what I seek for is that as my rights suggest I should be heard by highest of authorities and then a fair trial be conducted.

 Also I want this petition to reach out to maximum people so that they are not able to torture any other girl the way they have spoiled my life. I want that no girl should get entrapped by them into marriage or get engaged with them on the false information they provide. I want that they are not able to con anyone.

I request team and people of India to help me fight against this injustice done to me and my family. And at least help my family not to suffer any more and save their lives. Please share, SIGN and spread this so that there are no more girls in India who suffer such atrocities.

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