Save Animals from Youtube Channels Abusing them

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Animal abuse. A huge problem in the world, but many evil Youtubers use animal abuse as a way to get views and money. Animals are not ours to use. These Youtubers, however, commit horrible, traumatizing crimes to their animals, that are completely ignored by Youtube. The reason this petition is trying to stop youtubers is that a lot of them have a big influence on what their viewers do, especially younger ones. If viewers see their favorite youtuber abusing a pet, they'll think it's fine and do it themselves. Above is an example of youtube animal cruelty. At 4:40 in the video, the woman chomps down on the leg of her pet monkey. This channel also includes: Forcing the monkey to wear tight clothes, holding him under water, throwing, beating, and suffocating. Absolutely horrifying! Other content creators, such as Alinity and Peluchin Entertainment, do equally bad or even worse acts. Of course this petition could be addressed to Youtube, but banning channels will only make things worse. These lunatics will take their anger out on the pets that they do NOT deserve. Instead, their pets need to be moved to better homes. That is why this is addressed to LCA. If people sign, LCA can save these troubled animals.


Alinity: Kicks her dogs, gave her cat Vodka

Peluchin Entertainment: Tortured and burned cats

Ssoyoung: Tortures and eats live squid and other marine animals 

Ssuengnyangie: Beats and bites his puppy

Brooke Houts: Spits on and hits her dog

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