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Save animals and birds from the pathetic conditions of an illegitimate zoo in Anna park

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Dear Sir / Madam,

The zoo in Anna park , Yercaud , has been confirmed to be de-recognized by the Central Zoo authority (as confirmed by Dr. Brij Kishor Gupta ,Evaluation & Monitoring Officer ,Central Zoo Authority).Hence it is deemed to be running illeligitimately.

This illegally run zoo , hosts domestic animals such as deers , rabbits abd birds such as peacocks , peahens and pigeons in one of the most pathetically maintained habitats that one can imagine . These animals and birds ,that total upto approximately 25 , are mostly physically and mentally hurt with absolutely no medical attention given to them and still worse the only food that they receive are from the visitors of the park.

And since , it is an illegally run zoo , there are no maintenance personnel who takes care of the zoo on a daily basis.

To give you few examples ,


The peacocks there have no branches to perch , no vessel for water , no greenery -not even a shrub, just stranded on a flat un-textured barren land with no room to walk ( forget fly).Truly bad state .

Then there was this sad pair of parakeet. Both of them in a tiny winy cage , no branch , no hole , no texturing , just flat iron board criss-crossed and mostly torn iron pieces...One of them was huddled in the centre and was breathing so heavily and noisily , I know it was sick with something . Their wings were cut with the iron boards and the cage was so dismally maintained , or not-maintained so to say .

Your support is much needed to get our attention on to this illegal zoo and to provide a better and well maintained habitat to these poor animals whose only hope are humane people like us .

Thanks much for understanding ,

Appreciate your immediate attention to these desolate souls.



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