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Save Abkhaz memorial in Kilmarnock

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As it became known, at the initiative of the Georgian Ambassador to the UK Tamara Beruchashvili, the British authorities intend to dismantle the memorial in the Scottish city of Kilmarnock, established in memory of the Abkhaz warriors who died as a result of Georgia's aggression in 1992-1993.

The people of the Republic of Abkhazia regards such barbaric moves by the Georgian leadership as another vivid confirmation of the aggressive and anti-human character of the Georgian policy towards Abkhazia and its people.

This behavior of the official authorities of Georgia is regarded as an act of vandalism aimed at destroying the historical memory of the Abkhaz people, against whom Georgia committed ethnic cleansing and genocide.

It is characteristic that this is not the first act of Georgia's aggression against the historical and cultural heritage of the Abkhaz people. We can remind that in October 1992 in the occupied capital of Abkhazia, Sukhum, Georgian authorities burned down and destroyed buildings of the Abkhaz Institute of Language, Literature and History and the State Archives of Abkhazia. As a result of these barbaric actions, unique documents on the history and culture of Abkhazia were destroyed.

That is why the planned dismantling of the monument to the Abkhaz warriors in Kilmarnock proves once again that all the efforts of the Georgian leadership are aimed not only at the physical annihilation of the Abkhaz people, but also at the extermination of its historical past, cultural and national identity.

Considering the above mentioned, we the People of the Republic of Abkhazia calls on international mediators, the UK government and the Kilmarnock authorities to provide an adequate and objective assessment of Georgia's destructive actions and to not dismantle the memorial dedicated to the Abkhazians who fell in the Georgian-Abkhaz war of 1992-1993.

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  • The head of the council of Kilmarnock
    Douglas Reid
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    Jim Todd
  • Scottish Parliament member
    Willie Coffey
  • British Parliament member
    Alan Brown
  • Editor
    Caroline Paterson
  • Reporter
    Stephen Bark
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    Frank Cassidy

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