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For the last 15 years, the number one complaint that comes to Big Cat Rescue, a big cat santuary in Florida, is the story of Tony, a tiger held hostage at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana.  Sometimes it is because the caller has unwittingly pulled into this run down gas station and been horrified at what they saw.  Sometimes it is because they were traveling down 1-10 and saw the sign that reads: "LIve Tiger Exhibit" at the Tiger Truck Stop.  Sometimes it is because the caller has seen some mention of the place online.  In all cases, most people exclaim, "How can that be legal?"

Turns out it isn't.  Unfortunately, a lot of places allow this sort of disgraceful exhibit, but Iberville Parish, where the truck stop is located, has banned such displays since 1993.  So why is there a live tiger in a tiny cage next to the gas pumps in this 24 hour truck stop?  Because the Iberville Parish doesn't want to enforce their own rules against "one of their own."

Big Cat Rescuers visited the site and noted that the fumes were noxious and the sound of the dieseling trucks was deafening and unrelenting.  There are flood light's on the tiger's cage so that he never has a minute of darkness and never gets a moment of peace from those who yell at him and throw things at him to make him move.  We are trying to convince the Iberville Parish that the right thing to do is let the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries send Tony the tiger to Big Cat Rescue.  They seem to be more inclined to amend their ban so that they can justify not enforcing it. They need to hear from you.  Below are ways you can help.

Help Free Tony the Truck Stop Tiger.

Letter to
Iberville Parish Mitchel Ourso
Thank you for having the foresight to enact an ordinance* that prohibits private ownership of wild, exotic, animals for exhibition.  Please support the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries' decision to remove Tony the tiger from the inappropriate truck stop location so that he can be sent to an accredited sanctuary.  This action will end the decades of complaints lodged by so many who have witnessed this disgraceful display.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please don't allow Tony to suffer any longer.  Tony has people throw rocks at him.  He has lights on him 24 hours a day.  He smells nothing but gas fumes.  Please send Tony to Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue, the world's largest accredited sanctuary devoted entirely to big cats, stands ready with an enormous enclosure that is shaded by trees, full of grass, tree trunks, two caves, one set in a hill, and a pool with constant circulation of spring water.  This overlooks a lake, skirted by cattails and frequented by Mallard ducks and swans.  Tony will have all of this to himself and you can rest easy knowing that you upheld the law.  If exceptions are made to the rules, then rules don't mean much, do they?

* April 20TH 1993 Article 5 Sec. 3‑91 "Display of wild or exotic animals prohibited"

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