Save a lovely forest of Dehradun at Tarla Nagal from development by MDDA into a city park

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Dear Sir

MDDA, Uttarakhand is planning to develop forest of around 12.5 hectares at Tarla Nagal, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun as 'City Park' at a cost of Rs. 70 crores approximately. (A sketch of its location attached). 

This forest within the municipal boundaries of Dehradun, India is a serene and natural habitat of many species of trees, plants, birds, insects and lifeforms would be converted into artificial park of humans gatherings, concrete structures, various parks, sport zones, food courts generating lot of waste etc. This site contain thousands of trees mostly of Khair and kattha variety having medicinal value too.

There are also plans to create a residential complex for judges on another 4 hectares of the same area which is highly undesirable too. 

This misplaced activity through unnecessary human intervention would certainly disintegrate this unique bounty of nature and hence there is absolutely need to protect this forest it into its natural form.

We all are aware of upcoming grave threats of climate change. It is an established fact that forests are naturally carbon sink for absorption of green house gases and hence interfering in this unfriendly manner to ecosystem is not only highly undesirable and would cause a loss of a natural climate change fighting mechanism which needs to be discouraged at your level.

There is also threat from real estate developers from outside states who have already acquired land for huge construction around it and most likely would exploit and degrade for various activities and waste and a beautiful abode of varieties of lifeforms may be ruined.

In view of above, It is requested that

1. This beautiful forest should be spared of any kind of human intervention and declared a totally protected area.

2. The proposed city park by MDDA can be developed on the recently cleared landfill area at Sahastradhara Road. This place can be cleared of earlier debris and a new city park can be created on this site. 

3. Colony for judges be shifted to another location away from the forest.