Force Congress and the Senate to Protect UBER and LYFT customers from being murdered.

Force Congress and the Senate to Protect UBER and LYFT customers from being murdered.

April 4, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Desktop Alert Inc.

Our company has dated artifacts of this patent pending application.

Included in the application is a mobile app Panic Button with location-based services, tyext messaging and voice calling.

The Basic Premise: Force all UBER and LYFT drivers have a QR code in all door windows and rear windows.  Before you get into a car, scan the code. You will see on various options on your phone.  On scanning:

1). This is your driver.  You may now check into your ride.  Do you wish to proceed?  Yes or No?  If Yes enter the 4 digit Safe Code Uber/Lyft sent you you.  Click here to receive the code again.

2). This is not your driver.  DO NOT GET INTO THIS CAR

3). Report this vehicle to police now with location services. (Send photo options).

4). Activate the Panic Button with location services whereby even if the driver is valid but you feel you are in danger instantly let the police know.  They will get your name, the drivers information, your phone number and location.

And never enter a vehicle that does not have a QR Code.

The existing driver verification methods are all deeply flawed.

Many driver facial images are hard to distinguish or identify with mobile app images.  Sometimes license plates are unreadable, damaged and a car make and model description is useless.  Example.  White Toyota Corolla.   How many thousands of them are Ubers?  Lyfts?

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We are petitioning the United States Senate to take immediate action by instantiating legislation that mandates all peer-to-peer, ride sharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and a bicycle-sharing systems to implement this life saving technology.


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Signatures: 109Next Goal: 200
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