Save 30 trees in Leith from destruction

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In the proposed tram plan, 30 mature trees on Ocean Drive in Leith are scheduled to be cut down to make way for the trams to Newhaven. Despite being signed up to the Tree Charter, the council is hell bent on destroying perfectly healthy trees in the name of ‘progress’. This needs to stop.

We don't need a tram stop here - save public money and save the trees at the same time

According to the plans, a tram stop is to be built on Ocean Drive, parallel with Stevedore Place. This stop is not needed. There are going to be stops at Constitution Street and Ocean Terminal, both a very short walking distance from this proposed stop. Currently residents in this neighbourhood walk to Bernard Street, Commercial Street or Ocean Terminal to catch a bus. It would be no further to walk to get a tram. If there was no stop here less space would be needed to construct the tram lines because it would only need single track, the trees could remain and a safe space for local children to play could be potentially be created. It would also save public money as it would reduce construction costs.

Save our urban green spaces

These urban trees are some of the only trees left in north Leith. They’ve been here for approximately 15 years, so together, these 30 trees have around 450 years of maturity. They create a beautiful tree-lined street and are a haven for wildlife – especially songbirds and insects – and bring joy to locals and visitors alike. They provide valuable pollution cleaning and are a defence against flooding. They are far more environmentally friendly than any tram. 

The council is supposed to replace trees that are destroyed because of the trams on a 2 for 1 basis in the immediate vicinity – there is physically NO space in the immediate vicinity for 60 trees and these 60 replacement trees have NOT been factored into the plans for the trams.

  • In 2018 we lost 43 trees to developers to make way for Cala Homes’ Waterfront Plaza.
  • In 2019 we lost 5 trees on Constitution Place because of the trams – in the plans these are still supposed to be there!
  • In 2020 plans were uncovered that would have meant the Discovery Gardens at Ocean Terminal would be destroyed for no good reason. The actions of locals helped to prevent that travesty. Can we do the same for these 30 trees on Ocean Drive?

One day, without warning, we will wake up to the sound of chainsaws hacking down these beautiful trees. The Tram Act cannot and should not be used as an excuse for wanton destruction of our trees and green spaces. This must be stopped.

Please sign this petition to demand that Trams to Newhaven and City of Edinburgh Council stop the building of a tram stop in this location and save the 30 trees.