Delay the Transfer of Haileybury Public School 7 & 8 students to TDSS in February 2015 to September 2015

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In the last three years, the current Grade 8 students have been previously moved to TDSS during school renovations, lost out on three years of musical education, had three different teachers in the same year and are now being told that they must move again.  Not the mention the Cobalt Public School students that had to transfer from their old school to HPS, are now facing another upheaval. Starting in JK, schools teach and preach routine and continuity. Mr. Shearer even alluded to the importance of this while stating that having the daycare in NLPS would show the children a good sense of routine and continuity.  Moving the student’s mid-year is in direct opposition to this ideal.  It is time that the current students of HPS were shown the same courtesy that the Board is willing to show the daycare.

There were definitely some questionable statements being made during the meeting at HPS on October 30th.  We were advised that there would be no space in NLPS with the current students there for the daycare.  Curiously, they had enough space for grades JK to Grade 6 from HPS just two years ago.

Another Board concern that was mentioned was that they do not want HPS students going into grade nine as strangers.  In rebuttal, Temiskaming Shores is not a large city.  These “strangers” have been playing hockey, dancing, playing soccer and attending various other activities together for years.  They are hardly strangers. The Boards reasoning in this case is ridiculous.

The Grade 8 trip planned by NLPS students and staff to go to Camp Olympia sounds great. However, the students from HPS did not choose this and were told that the decision was made that this would be their year-end trip.  The students were visibly upset at this announcement.  Over the past two years, they have been fund raising for their own school trip which is now been taken away from them.  Does a decision like this add to the wellbeing of the students?  Students who attended the meeting were visibly upset.

Additionally, the students of HPS were told that they would not be remaining with their current classmates nor teacher with the move to TDSS.  Having already had three different teachers in the last year, and having witnessed and discussed with other parents, the decline in grades due to inconsistent teaching methods and change of routines - I ask again- would this really be keeping with the boards mandate of “maintaining focus on student achievement and well-being?”

If we are talking about continuity- lets allow the current Grade 8’s the opportunity to finish their elementary school education in the same halls that many of them have been in since junior kindergarten. If we are talking about their wellbeing – lets allow them to complete the school year without the stress of moving schools half way through, disrupting their routines and allow them to have the opportunity to shine and find themselves as many grade eights do.

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