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Sault Ste. Marie needs a Level III Medical Detox Centre and In-Patient Treatment facility.

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Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario has had a major drug problem for many years, and is lacking very important resources for those addicted to access. 

Please sign if you would like city council to start the discussion of a possible Treatment centre, or someone who can get the ball rolling. 

I will add more information as I learn more about how to make this actually possible, because enough is enough. 

How many more people have to die until the government of Ontario will recognize the significance of a treatment centre here?

13 year olds are drunk and popping Xanax, 15 year olds are doing Crystal meth , young teens to adults overdosing on heroin, atleast 1 death a week due to drugs. Drug dealers on every street. Crack everywhere , needles in the streets , it's a scary time for everyone. Fentanyl is on the rise, there is so much hopelessness for many people who have no support systems and this city doesn't have very many.
It isn't easy to go to the detox centre here as it is not a medical detox like other cities. It is literally just a house to go sit at, and is always full. Addiction services and councillors are booked and have very small hours, it's an epidemic here and very sad that the city will do nothing about it but look the other way. Shameful and disgusting.
When will be enough?

Thank you and please share. 

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