Stop the Devil's Lake Cell Tower

Stop the Devil's Lake Cell Tower

October 7, 2019
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Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Resources Committee and
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Started by Jill Ellinwood

We are asking that join with us in opposing the placement of a 180 foot cell tower (the equivalent of a 16 story building) at the entrance to Devil's lake. The proposed placement is at the east end of Park Road (near the north shore entrance to Devil’s Lake) and is  less than 15 feet from state park land. There is an entire neighborhood, including families raising young children, that lies under the 1500 ft recommended as a minimum ”safe” distance for cell towers from residential and populated areas according to research.

We are absolutely opposed to this for the following reasons:

1. Potential for health risks which increase overtime (for humans and animals) such as headaches, sleep disturbance and increase in incidences of cancer. Children and women are at the greatest risk.
2. Inconsistent with the current land use of nature, recreation and residential.
3. Decrease in property values.
4. The tower would be an eyesore in an otherwise pristine and beautiful area of Sauk County.

 Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin’s largest state park is a 10,000-acre park. There is plenty of room to solve whatever cell phone receptions problems there are without putting a cell tower in a residential area. Please join us in speaking out against this hasty and ill conceived plan.


This petition made change with 133 supporters!

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