Free Indian Hindu man Ponnam Shankar from Saudi jail to save him from Sharia execution.

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Free Indian Hindu man Ponnam Shankar from Saudi jail to save him from Sharia execution.

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Saudi Arab Government under Sharia Rule and

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Hindu man from Telangana languishing in Saudi jail for his ‘blasphemous’ FB post. Save him from Sharia Execution.

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Hyderabad | Dec 25, 2016:: Ponnam Shankar of Shalapalli village in Pegadapalli block of Telengana was arrested by Riyadh police in Saudi Arabia last month. His only crime was to post an FB post in which he showed Lord Shiva superimposed over picture of Islamic holy Kaba. He posted the pic on November 12 as alleged and was arrested by the shariah police on November 21, under the charge of blasphemy after thorough investigations by the local agencies.

As per available reports, Shankar studied up to sixth class and was migrated to Gulf nations to eke out a living with a job of gardener.

When Shankar’s mother and brother in India approached Gulf Returnees Welfare Society president “Chand Pasha” for assistance in the matter, he advised them to approach the Collector and added that “Shankar had committed serious crime as per Gulf Nation’s laws and he would be punished severely”.

As per Saudi Shariah law Ponnam Shankar, a Hindu, is obviously treated as a ‘kaffir’ and severe punishment of  ‘blasphemy’ is meant for ‘public execution (beheading)’ in any black Friday as the norms of the state. (WARNING: Graphic Video inside).

Though the family members of Shankar approached the local authority in Telangana for the rescue of the victim from Saudi jail, there is no development in any part in Telangana Govt of the Union Govt of India so far. The news of this incident was published in The Hindu in its web edition in 22 Dec and print edition in day next.

The news is leading to a beheading of Shankar in public without any interference of Govt of India as obvious.

If there is any killing of Shankar under a law of Shariah in Saudi, The PM of India – Shri. Narendra Modi, Indian External Minister- Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Ministers of States (External Affairs) – Shri Vijay Kumar Singh and Janab M J Akbar will be responsible for this cool blooded Islamic murder of an Indian citizen in Saudi Arabia.

The leaders of RSS, VHP also will be equally responsible as they haven’t raised any voice in favour of Shankar to rescue him from Saudi.

The Govt of India must take quick action to save the life of Ponnam Shankar confined in Saudi jail in a blasphemy case.

Every peace loving people in the world must raise the earnest and strong voice to free Ponnam Shankar from Saudi jail to save him from beheading in a perfect Sharia way.


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This petition had 339 supporters

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