Discontinue the schedule planned by IEM

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The Covid-19 has been on the rise everywhere and the whole world is under lockdown. Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal announced to take lenient action on the university students, discontinuing the semester exams for the present semester. 

In this situation, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata known as IEM has taken upon itself to keep on conducting classes and exams. The recent schedule released has made it difficult for the students to comply with it.

These lockdown times are being used by students to prepare for exams or learning skills they may find useful in the future. It is no surprise that the economy and the job market will change rapidly after this period and the current syllabus is not fit for the purpose. In such case, it is upto the students to prepare themselves for the future. These continuous and hectic exam schedule is nothing but adding worries after worries on a students mind. 

We are asking the college authorities to discontinue the schedule and comply according to the students needs.