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Why cinema on strike ?

Cinema is on strike for the sake of cinema 

1. The university has started a master's degree in Mass communication in the institute which is totally irrelevant and an attempt to dissolve the film and television institute and studies. We are not against of master but we want master related in the field of Film and Television. There are many courses like Masters in Film Studies in universities like JU, AU and JNU which are approved by UGC.

2. Intake in each department is increased from 12 to 15 students. The institute doesn't have sufficient resources to fulfill the need of even 5 students and they are taking 15 students from this year which is totally disaster for us as well as the future students. even after the optimum resource which is required its practically impossible to complete the syllabus on given time and semester so for it they are again planning to change the syllabus for which they are going to cut our projects we should keep in mind that the previous syllabus which had due importance to the practical aspects had resulted in the production of quality films by students. These have been screened, appreciated and critically acclaimed at various international and national film festivals like Busan International Film Festival South Korea, International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Goa, Tel Aviv Film Fetival Israel, IDSFFK Kerala etc. The current cut down in syllabus will deteriorate the overall academic atmosphere and also the future of students.  

3. No transparency between admin and students. Admin is playing blame game and igniting students against faculties and departments.

4. The vision seems to be of admin is to dilute the vision of university that is to dilute the foundation , uniqueness and strength of university.

Even after several protests by students in the previous years the issue of infrastructural development remains unaddressed. The objective of nurturing the Arts & culture in the state by the university remains a distant dream. 

5. Since the start of the university in 2011, most of infrastructure development is still pending like the buildings of Boys Hostel, Mini Auditorium, Shooting floor, sound studio, Film Library are there from years but non are functioning. There is a severe shortage of necessary equipments.

6.Every department is facing lack of required number of qualified faculties.

7. Our admin shamelessly says that the students of film and television waste the government's money (the university's fund) on making there projects and waste there money and time here which students here dedicate to their university and their career.

8. Resources..? Every major contribution of resources is before the forming of University before 2014 when as institute. Our respected admin realizes this after 5 years that to form this University and to register it as University . It must have masters in it....
No resources..... No infrastructure..... No plan of action....... No structure..... No relevance here ..... No syllabus complete faculty........and even No appropriate recruitment of faculty
A degree of masters is sufficient to form our institution as University...                    No with above mentioned specialisations a degree of masters is sufficient to destroy and spoil our university

we demand and we state we will not entertain the introduction of mass communication here, the incrementation of seats ,the change in syllabus the reasons are mentioned above and we won't sacrifice with our minimum required and desired resources , infrastructure and faculty.