Microsoft, Please Make Android Firmware for Lumia Devices!

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Dear Microsoft

I am lumia user from Indonesia. You know? I really love Microsoft Lumia! Why? Because the camera and the durability also the OS!

But, not now. I really hate The pre installed OS on Lumia devices, Windows Phone! Why? I have a lot of reason to hate this phone, but i will show you 2 reason that makes i really hate this OS. APP GAP and SOFTWARE UPDATE.

I think UWP will fix the App Gap problem, but in fact it's just little bit fix. And the software update. Why just x50 devices that can get 15254?

I really want to buy an Android devices, but i love Microsoft Lumia devices, i just hate the OS.

So, Microsoft, if you still care with Lumia Users, please make Android Firmware for ALL Microsoft Lumia devices? At least for popular devices only, like 535, 540, or 950.

Thanks Microsoft. I hope you read this.


January, 1st 2018

With pleasure,

Microsoft Lumia User from Indonesia.

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