Improve your change management ASAP!

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This is a clear demand on Microsoft to fundamentally revise its change management in the area of Microsoft 365 for business and education. We have seen an immense number of incidents and disruptions in recent weeks. Enough is enough.

We rely on Microsoft 365 systems every day, some use it to make money, some use it to teach the generation of tomorrow and some need use it to save lives or to change the world. We all stand still as soon as there is a major disruption in Microsoft 365. Testing in production is and always has been a no-go. 

Businesses, schools, hospitals and other institutions need a reliable service provider. Understanding ends where the loss of profit begins.

We demand change management that tests properly. We don't know exactly what the current change management is, but it clearly doesn't work. It has to be adapted urgently and personnel consequences may have to be drawn after incidents where the change management has not worked.

Your communication of incidents is almost just as bad as your faulty change management. Recently, even the emergency status page was disrupted. Updates can not be viewed sometimes because the Admin Center is not working. We need an independent, separate system for the status page. Furthermore, disturbances must be communicated as soon as possible. It must not happen that some incidents are posted on Twitter and only 10 minutes later the incident becomes visible on the status page. 

We demand:

  • A fundamental overhaul in Change Management for Microsoft 365 - no more testing in production!
  • The status page should be moved out of the Admin Center and made available in a separate system
  • Faster and simultaneous communication in case of incidents

We have accustomed our employees, students and customers to Microsoft's systems. But if things continue like this, in the long run it will cost less to leave Microsoft and switch to a competitor. This is not an empty threat. Change it now!