STOP the Traffic Bridge @Hales Park, Gala Way Hales Estate Forrestfield.

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Satterley have changed their plans and now plan for a traffic bridge to be built over crumpet creek in the new Hales Estate (right next to the brand new park that many children frequent and is now listed as one of the best parks in Perth.)  

In initial plans this was listed as a traffic bridge and after huge local community backlash and comment after it had been approved by council they replaced with a pedestrian crossing which was accepted by the local community. 

However at some point they have gone back on this and reverted back to the original plan.  This was not communicated to the local community after they agreed to the pedestrian bridge and it seems by accident that we have found out about this change and you can imagine we are quite angered by this.

The main implications by this traffic bridge are as follows-

  • increased traffic on Gala Way, which has already been impacted by extra traffic with the new estate.
  • Having the new bridge within 50m of the park which has just been built for the kids is dangerous and not very well planned.  So many kids ride/scoot/walk  to the park and this will impact greatly as well as their safety compromised.
  • Making these changes by reverting back to these plans without notifying or consultation with the local community shows lack of respect and no appreciation for the locals and their concerns.
  • Environmental impact to Crumpet creek

We urge you to support our cause so that we can show Satterley that the community is not happy and we are disappointed in their actions and get them to revert the plans back to a pedestrian crossing which is a much safer option for our community and environment.