Christians Unite Initiative

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Christians Unite Initiative – Petitioning Satan, his Globalist minions and all the Evil in this World.

Sign this petition to stay informed of our campaign progress, get involved with this initiative and break this evil chain that without a doubt brainwashes/deceives our children, destroying our most fundamental of morals and basic social fabric...

Support the Christians Unite Initiative affiliation program by selling our chart registered single on your on-line store/shop via digital download, you take 100% of the sales revenue we just want the chart registered hits counter to go up so we can break through/out buy the Globalist elites huge money/media/power advantage and dominate the "smut" filled entertainment industry with music that has a high moral standing. This is the first of many single/album and compilation releases to come.

You may be a Christian Individual/NGO/Charity/Community Group/independent media/political party/movement/business yourself/your cause/business both financially and morally, whilst supporting all of us together in our final struggle for humanity against this globalist de-humanist plot.

Join our affiliation program where you will be sent a link to download the music single audio track, image/graphic, ISCR/UPC chart registered barcode and the bonus video and add it to your on-line store/shop:

You have full permission to sell it and you keep 100% of your sales

This first single will be released (registered for the charts) Friday August 31st 2018 and has a recommended retail price of 1$ per download, sign this petition and we will remind all of you on the run up to this release. Thank You very much and God Bless.

PLEASE NOTE: We are always on the lookout for Christian themed or “high moral” original music/photography for music videos/footage for music videos/films/documentaries/cartoons/digital novels/poetry the future we plan to use the same affiliation/sales formula to also dominate these other above could be our next best seller, get involved today and spread the word, the time is now...

for more details visit our website/forum: (our website is not fully functioning yet, but should be in a few days from now) 


Join our Facebook group and get involved: Christians Unite Initiative group

 This single is registered for the charts in US,Canada,Australia ,UK and Ireland...Thank You and again God Bless.