Bring back grad 2019

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The Saskatoon Public School Division (SPSD) has desided to cut the banquet portion of the 2019 graduation ceremony. This petition has been created to influence the SPSD to reinstate the 2019 graduation banquet, or allow students who have worked there entire lives towards graduating to have a voice in the decision making process. For the entirety of our lives we, the students have been told the importance of graduating and taught to work hard to achieve this.  By removing the banquet portion of the graduation ceremony SPSD is undercutting the significance of our accomplishment and showing us the value of all our work is less important than that of previous years. The graduation ceremony is a chance to look back on the journey we have taken and celebrate the conclusion to our high school career. It allows those who are less likely to hold a private gathering, to celebrate this important part of our lives. The banquet portion of the graduation ceremony allows friends, family, and the students to truly appreciate this achievement. This ceremony is not just important to the students but also to the families who have seen us grow. In many ways that the runway style cap and gown ceremony cannot do. Part of the problem with the cap and gown ceremony is the inability to interact with other's during the event. We are trying to peacefully be given a chance to be heard and hopefully change your mind and cancel these changes to the 2019 graduation ceremony. By signing this petition you will be helping us influence the SPSD to stop the changes to the graduation ceremony.