The City of Saskatoon to Ban Usage of Fuel-Burning Leaf Blowers

The City of Saskatoon to Ban Usage of Fuel-Burning Leaf Blowers

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Did you know that a 2011 study found that the pollutants emitted by a leaf blower operated for 30 minutes is comparable to the amount emitted by a Ford F-150 pickup truck driving from Texas to Alaska?

Yes, Texas to Alaska.

This seemingly inconspicuous tool may seem like a great solution to save a few minutes while maintaining a property, but is it worth it if it's costing us our planet? The 2 stroke motor meant to run a leaf blower emits 1/3rd of unburned fuel, as an aerosol, into the open air. Not only is this bothersome for passersby, but, relative to its size, the leaf blower is one of the most polluting machines ever invented! 

In addition to toxic fumes, leaf blowers produce an incredible amount of noise pollution. A recent study assessed the occupational noise exposure among groundskeepers at several North Carolina public universities and found noise levels from leaf blowers averaging 89 decibels (A-weighted) and maximum sound pressure levels reaching 106 dB(A), both far exceeding the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Recommended Exposure Limit of 85 dB(A).

So, what can we do? 

Fortunately, a simple switch to electric powered leaf blowers will solve all of the above issues. Utilizing electricity instead of fuel allows for significantly less emissions and a much quieter motor, while still allowing us to save a bit of time on yard work and getting back inside in time for dinner! 

Please take a short moment to sign this petition and help us all take a step in the direction to a cleaner Saskatoon.