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Allow Teresa Daniel to operate a licensed dayhome and remain a foster care provider.

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Teresa Daniel currently runs a private dayhome in a rural community located off Highway 11 between Hanley and Dundurn. Her dayhome provides services to many rural families who travel to Saskatoon daily for work. Many residents of Kenaston, Hanley and Dundurn all rely on her to provide a caring and accessible environment for their children to reside while they are away at work. 

Teresa Daniel and her husband are also a registered foster family. They take in children that desperately need a safe and loving place to be cared for. They specifically take the cases that others may be hesitant to including; failure to thrive, admitted drug/alcohol use by the mother while pregnant, special needs, etc. Many of the children that Teresa and her husband have fostered end up being adopted by Teresa's large and loving family. This speaks volumes of her character and is only an added attribute as to why she makes such a wonderful dayhome provider. 

The provincial government has stepped in to say that Teresa is not able to keep her status as a foster parent and simultaneously run a licensed dayhome. She can no longer remain a private dayhome as the number of families that rely on her care has exceeded the guidelines put forth for private dayhomes. Teresa currently employs one assistant helper to aid with the children. At the moment she is faced with a difficult decision that has very real repercussions. If she decides to give up being a foster parent in favor of becoming a licensed facility it would result in the removal of a child from her immediate care. This option is heartbreaking as the child has currently been in the home for 1.5 years and is happy and situated. It would also prevent her from fostering any children in the future. If she decides to remain a private facility in order to keep her foster care status she would have to evict multiple families leaving them with no alternative place to go. This would be detrimental for many as there is incredibly limited choices regarding dayhomes/daycares in this particular rural area. The nearest daycare is currently run out of the Dundurn military base and has a waiting list that is multiple years long. These families have children enrolled in local schools (Hanley and Dundurn) which makes moving to a daycare run out of the nearest city (Saskatoon) not a feasible or fair option. 

Given Teresa Daniels important role in the community as as dayhome provider as well as her incredibly important role to many children as a foster parent we would like to petition the government to make an exception to the foster care and licensed dayhome rule. We were lead to believe that  this rule was put in place to prevent abused foster children from interacting with dayhome children for reasons that continue to remain unclear. Teresa and her husband believe that the foster children in their care are no different than any other children and certainly not dangerous or detrimental to the dayhome environment. Teresa's dayhome is run in a safe and organized manner that benefits all parties involved. Please sign our petition to show your support and help to keep a loved and needed dayhome facility open and functional while continuing to allow these wonderful people to foster children in need. 

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